Show Review: RÜFÜS DU SOL @ Paradise Rock Club 11.4.16

by Tanvi Sehgal (Biology), published November 13th 2016

photos by Tanvi Sehgal


RÜFÜS DU SOL, the alternative dance trio from Sydney, Australia spent Friday night at Paradise Rock Club spreading their energy through a packed crowd of psyched concertgoers. Dena Amy took the stage first, mixing smooth, feel-good beats that the steadily growing crowd bounced and swayed to. The second opener, Danny Harley (better known as The Kite String Tangle), showcased his multifaceted talent as a DJ, pianist and singer through his mellow electro pop music. The Kite String Tangle’s mellifluous electronic music was a perfect onset to RÜFÜS DU SOL.


Comprised of Tyrone Lindqvist (vocals/guitar), James Hunt (drums), and Jon George (keyboard), the group quietly took the pitch-black stage and was greeted by unhinged strobe lights igniting enthusiastic yells and chants from the crowd. Heavy beats in sync with flashing lights started the set, electrifying everyone in the jam-packed room. The stage lit up, showcasing the trio’s smiling faces as Lindqvist started singing along to their cross of tropical house and indie electronic music. The positive energy the band exuded was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Every member stayed immensely focused on their craft, be it Hunt on drums or George on keyboard, while still interacting with and including the audience. The uplifting music combined with the band’s obvious eagerness and joy to be performing directly translated to the crowd, transporting them to a musical utopia. Rüfüs du Sol’s music is meant to incite happiness within every listener, and it was clear from the laughing, swaying audience that their show did exactly that. Lindqvist sauntered across the expanse of the stage as he sang, making every member of the audience feel connected to him through not only his voice, but also his smile and eye contact that seemingly reached you directly. George’s body moved and danced to every beat he produced, making a dance floor out of the stage. Heavy bass was a key component throughout the entire set, effortlessly keeping every person in the audience dancing.


The trio played hits from their debut album, Atlas, as well as tracks from their latest album, Bloom. Every track was reinvented through unique remixes that added a fresh spin on classic tunes. The crowd sang along to every word of “Say a Prayer,” and Lindqvist, feeding off the crowd’s energy, turned his mic towards the audience, validating every audience member belting the catchy song. After being summoned back on stage, the group ended the set with “You Were Right.” It’s safe to say that Paradise Rock Club was overflowing with euphoria established by Rüfüs du Sol’s dance pop music and contagious positivity, making for a truly ethereal experience.


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