Cursive – I Am Gemini

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Fellow English majors rejoice! Cursive’s latest album, I Am Gemini, finally puts those Backgrounds to British and American Literature classes to use. Tim Kasher and company are known for their concept albums, in which a repeating theme is thread throughout the album, but Gemini shows the band honing their skills on a much more grandiose stage. I Am Gemini is the tale of Cassius, a reformed criminal, who inherits a… continue reading


Puscifer with Carina Round @ The Orpheum Theatre 11.22.11

Few artists can actually control their craft so fully. Maynard James Keenan is the writer, producer, director and star actor of the multimedia production known as “Puscifer.” As Keenan stated before the band closed out the show, Puscifer is truly an independent production. “It’s just us and you,” he said. With absolutely no middlemen (i.e., labels and show promoters) Puscifer is able to command every aspect of your concert experience…. continue reading


A Reflection on Solid Sound 2011

With so many summer festivals already well established, is there room for more at the table? The second annual Solid Sound Festival ended last weekend in the same year that The Village Voice’s popular Siren Music Festival called it quits after a 10 year run. So how did Solid Sound fair in its second year? The music was once again spectacular but this year provided more to find fault with…. continue reading

May 30 2011

It’s a Grower, Not a Shower

My ‘€œNewspaper Album’€ of the The King of Limbs recently arrived, and it has me thinking. It has been about two months since the digital release of Radiohead’s recent album and I realize, in that time, I have been listening to In Rainbows more than The King of Limbs. Now, personally, I think that In Rainbows is by far Radiohead’s finest work. Yes, that’s right, I said that In  Rainbows, not… continue reading

Foals 4

Foals @ Paradise 5.2.11

Foals’ sophomore LP Total Life Forever departed from their breakout release Antidotes most notably in its level of energy. Antidotes tore through math rock riffs and Yannis Philippakis’ vocal work was up-close and personal, shouted in the face of the listener; whereas the follow-up album seemed to take a step back. Tracks didn’t necessarily slow down, but Foals approached their music with less vigor and more attention to melody and cohesion…. continue reading

Freelance 200

Freelance Whales @ Paradise, 5.2.11

Freelance Whales has been making some great waves in Boston in the last year. Last Monday was no exception at the sold out Paradise Rock Club. The little band with a big sound took the stage with the insanely anthemic, ‘€œGenerator ^ First Floor.’€ This is one of those songs that is clearly meant to be an opener, no questions asked.  The humble group of musicians had nothing but nice… continue reading

magic magic 620

White Rabbits w/ Caveman & Magic Magic @ Paradise 2.24.11

Never have I seen so many mismatched drums in one show. Percussion was definitely a prerequisite to get on this bill. What’s amazing is that despite this common thread, all three bands were distinctly different, and all good. Up first was Caveman: a group of gentlemen from Brooklyn, NY with a great amount of respect for set times. Scheduled to begin at nine, the group was so kind as to… continue reading


Asobi Seksu w/ BRAHMS @ Brighton Music Hall 2.25.11

Holy bass, Batman! Brighton Music Hall shook with the bottom-heavy beats of BRAHMS. This being my first show there, I didn’t know if that was typical or if BRAHMS brought the bass. I was shocked when the band asked for the beats to be turned up in the monitors. That must mean it was either too much bass, or not enough. Earthquakes aside, the band made an impressive showing for… continue reading


BRAHMS on Brahms

You know that dead German guy whose name you’ve heard but don’t really know his music? Yeah, this isn’t him. BRAHMS is a hot new trio out of Brooklyn. On the surface they may seem to have a lot in common with the typical music coming out of Brooklyn, but look deep down and you will see why BRAHMS is not Yeasayer or Animal Collective. BRAHMS is BRAHMS. Which I… continue reading

Feb 14 2011

Radiohead Announce New Album

By now I am sure you have heard about the exciting news for the music industry. Last night, Arcade Fire won Radiohead have announced their new album, The King of Limbs. Makes sense now considering all the tree imagery that made its way into the banner for Dead Air Space not long ago. The announcement, made in true Radiohead fashion, states that the album will be available for digital download this… continue reading

Nov 10 2010

21 Tales of Tastemakers: Chris Stoppiello

You have already heard my favorite Tastemakers moment. Alyssa Mastrocco recounted for you how we were treated with a private performance in Shilman Hall from Dave Davison and Good Old War. So here is my second favorite Tastemakers memory, well actually, memories. They involve one simple question. The first interview I ever conducted for Tastemakers was with the now defunct pop group Push Play. The band was often compared to Disney… continue reading