Show Review: Pierce the Veil @ Paradise Rock Club 6.14.16

by Seb Herforth (Engineering), published September 15th 2016

photos by Seb Herforth


On June 14th Pierce the Veil rocked the Paradise Rock Club on their Misadventures Tour. Establishing themselves as leading acts in the heavier sides of pop punk with their album Collide with the Sky in 2012, the four-piece band released Misadventures earlier this year. The venue was sold out, completely packing the pit as well as the balcony areas. The band’s dedicated fans had been waiting since the morning to get good spots. Support bands I the Mighty and Movements set the stage for the headliner.

Pierce the Veil, consisting of Vic Fuentes (vocals/guitar), Jaime Precaido (bass), Tony Perry (guitar) and Mike Fuentes (drums), played the new album from start to finish starting with “Dive In,” “Texas Is Forever,” and the single “The Divine Zero.” The lighting, run by Jeff Maker who is known for his immaculate lighting designs for pop punk giants All Time Low, was nothing short of incredible. The stage setup reflected the themes and sketches of the album’s artwork; however, these were not used as an excuse to do without multiple confetti cannons.

The set list continued with “Floral & Fading,” “Phantom Power and Ludicrous Speed,” and then the album’s second single “Circles.” This single was a step into the mainstream for the band, getting radio play and features on popular Spotify playlists.

Although there are no slow songs on the new album, a slow song or two at a Pierce the Veil show has become the norm to ease the crowd from a mosh pit into a sing-a-long. This was the case with “Today I saw the Whole World,” a fully electric song rewritten into an acoustic version performed by just Vic for this tour.

The show continued back to its full blown energy with the rest of the album: “Gold Medal Ribbon,” “Bedless,” “Sambuka,” and “Song for Isabelle.” The set could have ended there, but what’s a Pierce the Veil show without some oldies? After the classic encore shouts, the band came back to conclude their set. Stepping the sound, lights, and confetti up a notch and one-upping the energy in the room once again, the band finished their sets with Collide with the Sky classics “Bulls in the Bronx” and finally “King for a Day.”

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