Show Review: Breaking Benjamin @ House of Blues 8.14.15

by Catherine Patchell, published September 3rd 2015

photos by Catherine Patchell


On August 14, Breaking Benjamin landed at the Boston House of Blues for a sold out show on their Dark Before Dawn tour. Starting the night off was Columbus, Ohio based band Starset.  Donning space suits and masks, the group brought to the stage a sci-fi twist to the more traditional rock that would follow on the bill that evening. Intriguing graphics danced across large screens in the background as the band put on a great performance to a growing crowd.

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Next up, the alternative rock band Young Guns hit the stage.  Vocalist Gustav Wood joked that the audience was only getting 80% of the Young Guns experience as their bassist was out for a wedding.  Their stand-in for the evening stood next to drummer, Ben Jolliffe – well, okay, it didn’t quite stand, since his replacement was a laptop. Young Guns just put out a new album in June, titled Ones and Zeros, and played a number of songs from it, mixed with a few of their earlier works.

DSC_7959 DSC_8001 DSC_8021 DSC_8030 DSC_8096 DSC_8126

As soon as Breaking Benjamin hit the stage, the crowd erupted with enthusiasm.  After commenting that one of his first shows with Breaking Benjamin was at the Boston House of Blues and that he was glad to be back, it was apparent how excited the crowd was to have Ben Burnley back up on stage in Boston.  There was not a song in the set that the crowd was not singing along to.  Some audience favorites included songs like “So Cold,” “Failure,” “Polyamorous,” “I Will Not Bow,” and of course, “The Diary of Jane.” Playing a 20 plus song set, there was just as much energy on stage and off during the last song as there was for the first.  Breaking Benjamin pulled out all the stops, including a cover of Tool’s “Ænima” and a mash of “Imperial March,” “Schism,” “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Walk” covers.  If you were a fan of Breaking Benjamin before the hiatus, or even if you’ve just recently heard of them, this tour will not disappoint.

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