Sky Ferreira @ T.T. the Bear’s 11.27.12

by Caitlin Kullberg (Marketing), published January 7th 2013

Those at TT the Bear’s Place on the Tuesday night already had their eyes on Little Spoon, aka local Cameron Potter, as I walked in.  Wearing a dress and lipstick that reminded me of a Kurt Cobain-esque stage outfit, he describes his sound as “experimental dreamgaze.” That set a relaxed yet eager tone for the small crowd.

Sky quietly took the stage, in front of people who have seen her a thousand times on the internet but never so small in front of them. Starting off with her infectious “Lost in My Bedroom,” it was clear to me that she was there to sing.  There weren’t any overhead lights, making the focus so much more on the music than anticipated.  Following with “Red Lips” and “Ghost,” she would play everything off her latest EP mixed between the old and newer.

“Sad Dream” quieted the room as Ferreira’s vocals exceeded expectations and haunting lyrics hung heavy with only an acoustic guitar as accompaniment for her penultimate song. Her voice was raw with emotion and vulnerability that gave me chills and made it the best song of the night.  She finished with “Everything is Embarrassing,” which was named New York Magazine’s Song of the Year, and it had everyone wanting more at the end of the short, eight-song set. Since no one seems to know what Sky Ferreira is really all about, if there’s one thing to take away from this, it’s that she is undeniably and legitimately talented.

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