Wild Flag @The Paradise 3.31.12

by Lauren Moquin, published April 4th 2012

photos by Victoria Davis

Wild Flag is the favorite band that you thought you were born a generation too late to find. What many are claiming to be a super group (with members of Sleater-Kinney, Helium, Quasi, and The Minders) always prove their own with one anthem after another.

This time around, the band offered some solid hope of a new album. Four new songs were ripped through, including “Winter Pair” and “Nothing”, but the energy was held at its highest throughout. The sold out crowd made it as though the new songs were held as close as the ones before them.

There was no slacking on the favorites, though. The entirety of the band’s self-titled album was played through, but there was a little bit of a tease along the way.

The audience was left at a high with Wild Flag’s single, “Romance”, before the encore break. When the four returned on stage, they got straight back to business. “Endless Talk” completed the setlist of expectations. When Janet Weiss (drums) broke rolled back into a rhythm, there was not much left to be guessed.

Brownstein went guitar-less and handled the mic as the other three members got things going. Believe it or not, Wild Flag slammed down a cover of Fugazi’s “Margin Walker” and it seemed to be everything that the crowd would have wanted and more.

If there is anything to take away from this show, it is the spirit of the four them. No one can diddle their fingers around the fingerboard like Mary Timony or wail out vocals like Carrie Brownstein. Whatever it is about their jam session vibe, it’s infectious. The kicks, the soulful beat and the boppy melodies draw you into the genuinity of it all.



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