by Lauren Moquin, published January 24th 2012

The rush of a sold out show for such a new band might have been the reason for the massive line of early shivering fans outside the venue. Giddy excitement was written all over many faces, but these Cults fans were in for two unexpected openers to say the least. Dirty Fences walked on with the tasseled leather jackets of a bike gang and a 80s punk sound. Pumping fists left most of the crowd confused. There was not a spark of resemblance to the dreamy echoes of the headliner, Cults. Although Dirty Fences spewed with spirit, the shock of it all skewed the image of the band a bit, coming off as campy and ridiculous.

Delicate Steve was a band a little bit closer to what Cults fans prefer, but they still seemed like an off beat choice for this particular show. The tribal-esque jam band warned everyone, “It’s going to be a jungle in here!” Guitar screeching, bottle tapping, and keyboard soloing commenced from there to make quite the bouncy jungle. After people got over the unusual nature, most of the crowd let their guards down to enjoy unique instrumental experience.

The unexpected choice of openers made the wait for Cults that much more anxious. Eerie projections layered the background with static, and black and white images to rile up the mood to a new level. When band members, Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion started their set with the resounding “Abducted,” the room filled with dance. The lyrics of each song played off everyone’s lips as if every song on the debut album ‘Cults’ was a single. The mic was a little funky that night, muffling Follin’s sultry voice, but the crowd did not seemed to be bothered either way.

It was refreshing to see such enthusiasm for a relatively new band, but Follin was not going to lend a smile that easy. She soared through a song rocking shoulders back and forth as Oblivion rocked right beside her. Every song was followed by Follin’s stare into the crowd, a pause, and a brief, “Thank you”. When it got to the point where she looked to the side with a blushed smile, you really felt as though you were earning something as a crowd.

Brian Oblivion is not one to be generous with his interaction either, but from the beginning Oblivion would inject some conversation in the pauses. “We’ve got some loud Boston people in here, huh?” he stopped to observe with a smile, “Wouldn’t want to mess with you.” The keyboard stopped playing around, a pause, and then a crack into “Bumper.” The band continued to keep everyone satisfied, playing the entirety of their album, but the crowd undoubtedly hit their high when the first sign of that xylophone introduction to “Go Outside” was in grasp. Cults provided quite the night from their opener choices to the end.

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