Neon Indian @ Brighton Music Hall 10.20.11

by Mackenzie Nichols (Journalism), published October 31st 2011

photos by Jeffrey Curry

The collaborative energy of Purity Ring, Com Truise, and Neon Indian provided a theatrical experience that infectiously affected the entire crowd Thursday night at Brighton Music Hall. Opener Purity Ring, the eccentric techno/pop duo from Canada, set the bar unexpectedly high with lead singer Megan James’ haunting vocals and instrumentalist Corin Roddick’s usage of a modern art-looking musical contraption which acted as both a synth and beat pad. James moved awkwardly yet effortlessly around the stage swinging a dim orange light while her eery vocals filled the room during performances of recent hits “Belispeak” and “Lofticries”.

The mood altered a bit when Seth Haley, known by his pseudonym Com Truise, started his all techno set which only increased the crowd excitement to witness opener Neon Indian’s futuristic show. Com Truise DJed his set onstage with various synths and a live drummer, showing the crowd just how 80s electronic music is making its comeback. His dance-like beats and catchy electronic melodies during singles “Ether Drift” and “Fairlight” carried the eccentric, electronic elements of Purity Ring while also serving as the perfect opener for Neon Indian.

When the lights dimmed following the completion of Com Truise, the crowd immediately shifted its attention to the main act. The theatrical quintet from Denton, Texas emerged onstage with flickering, multicolored lights and once lead singer Alan Palomo snatched the microphone, the show was underway. Palomo’s noteworthy stage presence provided the overall psychedelic feel of the show as he danced around and shook his 80s inspired mo-hawked hairstyle to the infectious beats of well-known hits “Deadbeat Summer”, “Should Have Taken Acid with You”, and “Polish Girl”. The only downside to the show was the volume balance among the musicians, as the guitar and drums seemed to overpower Palomo’s vocals; however, the stage presence and overall energy of Neon Indian made it a memorable show as a whole.


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