Good Old War @ Brighton Music Hall 12.10.11

photos by Alyssa Mastrocco (English)

Good Old War played Brighton Music Hall on December 10th to a sold-out house and, as expected, they brought it down. The opener, Val Emmich (better known as Jamie the coffee guy from 30 Rock – “I’m totally gay for Jamie!”), was a last minute addition to the tour, and played with only his own acoustic guitar and a second guitarist instead of his band, The Veeries. His songs were good, but I have the sneaking suspicion that he would go from good to Nickelback with a full band.

After setting up, Good Old War took the stage and everything was good. They played a solid mixture of their first two albums along with three new songs from Come Back as Rain, due out March 6th of next year. “Calling Me Names” was the most notable new track, with some experimentation with new harmonies and vocal overlaying, along with a ukulele. Their sound translates well from album to stage, but often depends on the house PA system. Brighton Music Hall tends to be bass-heavy and with Keith Goodwin’s bass-via-Micro Korg set up, it so much bass that the speakers were crackling. Thankfully it was fixed quickly enough. Toward the end of their set, while Dan was tuning a guitar, Tim and Keith broke into Montell Jordan’s 90s classic “This is How We Do it.” Keith though he could get away with only the first line of the song, but he was mistaken when the crowd encouraged him to continue and he, surprisingly knew the whole first verse.

In homage to a recent Boston show where the PA failed and they had to play from the floor in the middle of the crowd, they played their last two songs, “Loud Love” and “While I’m Away” with just Dan on guitar, from the floor. Luckily their voices are strong enough to carry over the crowd and end the show on a really high note.

Look for Issue 27 for an interview with Dan about the new album!

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  1. j kenneth cupp says:

    nickelback are fucking sweet. FUCKING SWEET.