Sublime With Rome @ The Boston Pavilion 8.17.10

by Cassie Hebert (music industry), published October 13th 2010

When I walked into the Boston Pavilion, the first thought I had was ‘€œWow, Rome is a little whore.’€

My friends and I arrived in time for the Dirty Heads’ set to just about end as they were performing their hit single (with Rome), ‘€œLay Me Down.’€

The Boston Pavilion had great space for an average-sized venue. There’s nothing worse than being at a show that a friend is at, too, and not being able to meet up. I had no issue collaborating two groups of people in one aisle. If you could wrestle your way through the ska-punk dance maniacs and weave through sweaty crowds, you could get really close to the stage. My friend claims to have snuck past security and gone backstage to see Eric Wilson himself, but I don’t believe it.

An avid Sublime fan, I wasn’t sure how much I’d be able to appreciate the Rome-lead version of one of my favorite groups. Bradley Nowell was a crazy dude and his insanity definitely added character to the music’€”it certainly would have been a sight to see! Rome’s average guitarmanship and lack of interaction and shock value with the crowd was a little disappointing. The music was not the same, but I can’t complain about Rome’s beautiful voice. His shortcomings were compensated for with his shoutout to the late Bradley in the middle of ‘€œWhat I Got,’€ screaming, ‘€œRest in peace, Bradley!’€ The entire Pavilion went wild.

Sublime with Rome was much better than I anticipated. This show gave me hope for bands who replace lead singers. For any of the skeptics out there, don’t lose hope in Sublime!

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