MMOTHS – Diaries EP

by Suzie Conway (Communications), published March 27th 2013

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mmoths-620x620Admittedly, I don’t normally gravitate towards electronic music. But something about the second EP from MMOTHS enveloped me. While part of it may be that the man behind MMOTHS, Irishman Jack Collerman, is a mere 19 years old, the more likely explanation is that MMOTHS’ music has a relaxed, chill energy that deftly avoids becoming a lullaby. That’s not necessarily the case on his first self-titled EP, that at times verges on the less-is-less mentality.

That being said, there isn’t a bass line to knock you to the floor, nor a drop to wait for; that’s clearly not the mood MMOTHS is going for. He walks a thin line between ambient and lo-fi, and somehow falls neatly between the two, not becoming too delicate or too rough to be pigeonholed into either classification—and perhaps that’s what stands out the most. It’s not wholly different than some of his minimalist peers playing to quiet rooms, but MMOTHS manages to find some sort of niche between all of these genres—the center of his own Venn diagram.

The standout tracks here are the ones where he gently weaves in guest vocals, creating an encasement of soft but punctuating sounds. “For Her” features Young & Sick, and fits in a sublime mid-track decrescendo amongst some strong vocal harmonizing.  Of the two tracks containing vocals, “For Her” is the only one where MMOTHS’ subtle percussion and synths take a backseat.

The purely instrumental songs provide ample cushion to the more lively vocal tracks, most notably on closer “Too Real,” which makes the negative space of the song its own instrument. This song comes right after “All These Things,” with Holly Miranda singing. It’s the most pop-like song in terms of structure, and “All Too Real” balances out this feeling with an ominous and sparse piano solo to close out the EP.

In its six songs, Diaries achieves an enviable equilibrium. Though it probably won’t be lively enough for most, its dark but understated vibe may be the right prescription for finals, not to mention the final last gasps of winter.

Recommended Tracks: For Her ft. Young & Sick, All These Things ft. Holly Miranda

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