The Weeknd – Echoes of Silence

by Bianca Gracie (Communications/Journalism), published January 24th 2012

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“And it hurts to accept what I am, and how I live and what I do. But I’ve been good since Thursday,” The Weeknd croons on “The Fall,” hinting that he has settled into his fame. The mysterious R&B singer ended 2011 with, Echoes of Silence, his third mixtape of the year.

Released on December 21 immediately after Drake dropped his video for “The Motto” at midnight, it seemed like the OVOXO team had a plan for people to marvel over their work until the wee hours of the morning.

The mixtape opens with a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana,” called “D.D.” It is a pretty ballsy move to open with an untouchable classic, but the moody track is a good pairing for the emotive singer. “Montreal” has an eerie 80s vibe with its heavy-hitting bass and ghastly harmonies.

One of the highlights off Echoes of Silence is “XO/The Host.” Its trippy intro is reminiscent of the singer’s debut mixtape House of Balloons; the track is horrifyingly addictive yet slightly messy, ripping your eardrums in three different directions. “Initiation” has a similar feel; it’s a bitter track that haunts your inner core as Tesfaye’s vocals shift from helium-filled to codeine-induced without warning. The terrifying track takes you back to a place in time where you hid under your covers as an imaginary monster tore down your bedroom door.

The album slows down with “Next,” which begins with a heavy-hearted piano riff that refreshingly brings the mixtape into a cool ballad.

The Weeknd began the year with his killer drug overflow of House of Balloons and continued the momentum with ThursdayEchoes of Silence is the perfect way to end the artist’s Balloon Trilogy—when the sun rises on the streaky window after the rave is over.

Recommended Tracks: XO/The Host, Initiation, Same Old Song

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