Memoryhouse – The Slideshow Effect

by Shea Geyer (Pharmacy), published March 6th 2012

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What do you get when you start a collaborative project between photographer Denise Nouvion and composer Evan Abeele?

The Canadian dream pop duo Memoryhouse.

The latest addition to the Sub Pop family recently released their debut album The Slideshow Effect, a collection of newly composed songs with a couple of remastered songs from the past that are bound to carry you off to dreamland.

Initially beginning as a bedroom recording project, Memoryhouse has fine-tuned their sound on The Slideshow Effect.  Their sound can be compared to that of Beach House, but with less nasally vocals.  On “All Our Wonder,” Denise Nouvion’s vocals are refreshing, conveying emotion in a simplistic manner that complements the airy synths and guitar.

The Slideshow Effect is mellow for the most part, with “The Kids Were Wrong” being the upbeat song on the album.  The guitars are almost reminiscent of the ‘50s rock ‘n roll sound, but Nouvion’s vocals keep the song modern.  The entire album is a well-balanced mix of modern and classical composition, which keeps the songs from being overbearing on the ears.

“Bonfire,” which is one of Memoryhouse’s older songs, is remastered on their debut.  The song doesn’t have the same raw sound from the bedroom recording, losing a touch of the emotion of walking down memory lane conveyed in the original recording.  The remastered version is crisp and clear, but Nouvion’s vocals are a little bland without the accompanying synth that once looped in the background.  Sometimes remastering isn’t the best decision as key instrumentation is dropped and emotions are lost.

Memoryhouse is bringing a unique twist to the dream pop sound with The Slideshow Effect.  The songs are presenting the ethereal voice of Nouvion as the primary focus and the airy instrumentation as an enhancement to the emotion of the song.  The combination makes for the perfect soundtrack to a peaceful sleep.

Recommended Tracks: Walk With Me, The Kids Were Wrong, Old Haunts

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