Matt & Kim – Lightning

by Toni Tiemann (Journalism), published October 31st 2012

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When Matt & Kim entered the music scene, the vibrant Brooklyn pair proclaimed they would not consider themselves successful until they could afford health insurance again.  Quickly becoming infamous for their wild live performances, they have certainly come a long way. Matt & Kim caused a frenzy with their broad fan base on October 2 with the release of their fourth studio album, Lightning.

With a healthy dose of slow, anthemic songs tossed with their fastest beats yet, Matt & Kim are once again sure to invigorate a listener on a cloudy morning. The duo kept all of the expected elements of any Matt & Kim release: repetitive refrains you’ll find trapped for hours in your head, worry-free words of having electric times and that familiar New York City pride. The couple has certainly progressed, without any mention of the famed “old rusty van” that has appeared in lyrics to so many of their previous songs.  Matt & Kim also say “good bye” to the once so praised Grand Street that was mentioned in  their other albums, in “I Wonder,” and instead proclaim plans to “take over the whole world” in the track “I Said.”

The album, as could be anticipated, is heavy with vigorous drum lines from Kim Schifino in all tracks, no matter how diverse in tempo, such as the fast “Much Too Late” and the slower “Ten Dollars I Found.”

A unique aspect of Lightning comes from lead singer and keyboardist Matt Johnson, though he still provides the same identifiable vocals that have created a strong cult following. Johnson expands with distinctive synthesized sounds on keyboard that are unlike previous releases in tracks such as “I Said.”

Matt & Kim have perfected the art of provoking involuntary clapping, which any listener will undeniably find intertwined with the chants of “turning it up” in the track “Tonight.”

Recommended Tracks: I Wonder, I Said, Not That Bad


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