Kimbra – Vows

by Lauren Moquin (Journalism), published May 24th 2012

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“Somebody I Used To Know” might have been the most popular single of the year, but the featured New Zealand songstress, Kimbra, has some brag worthy tracks of her own.

Vows is just making it’s way to the U.S, but the debut album is already certified platinum in Austrailia. As Vows consumes in a jazz-pop tizzy, it is bound to do just as well – if not better – here in the States.

There is something polished and catchy about the jazz infused in Kimbra’s voice and the tempo of the album as a whole. All of the tracks ease her in, offering her range and ability to flow through such a unique style of presenting herself. This is definitely a wonderful introduction to Kimbra as a newer artist. If you do not think of her as a singer of power, you need to back track to “Cameo Lover”.

The steady beat lays down a simple background for Kimbra to spring from. She flutters through the empty spaces and wails within reason of keeping it an easy listen. She takes the same opportunity in more laidback tracks such as “Old Flame” to showcase her jazzy independence. It is songs like these that make Kimbra an artist worth giving a chance.

The only issue with the album is that it can be easily lost within all the other pop coming up today. Kimbra might be jazzy and gifted, but the lyrics just aren’t cutting it. This album will be a hit and we will all enjoy the pop powerhouse that Kimbra ebodies, but if Kimbra continues making music, she is going to have to play more with concepts and words.

Recommended Tracks: Settle Down, Cameo Lover, Plain Gold Ring

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