Fun. – Some Nights

by Lauren Moquin (Journalism), published February 24th 2012

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A theatrical intro prepared Fun. fans for an explosive sophomore album. Some Nights magnifies all of the infectious rhythms and soaring choruses that you loved from Aim and Ignite. The band as a whole knows how to take it to the next level, creating something lovable and genuine.

Fun. gives us a little bit of a whirlwind with some out-of-breath, fast-paced anthems that we did not get the chance to experience with Aim and Ignite. “It Gets Better” pulls us in for some heavy drums and some swift honest lyrics. When Fun. released a full stream of the album a week prior to the release, fans overwhelmingly fawned over this new style.

It is hard because the album’s single, “We Are Young (featuring Janelle Monae)” did not give me much faith. It became an instant pop song, even being performed on Glee because of its ability to get its extremely repetitive chorus cemented into your head. Now that I hear the song as a part of the whole album, I can enjoy it. It is definitely not the most original, but it is filled with the spirit that is felt within the whole album. It is this hope and courage that makes Some Nights something worth talking about.

The anticipation remains thick as you move through the album. Even though many have already heard the songs backwards and forwards from the pre-release album stream, it is the type of album that feels new with every listen. Even the most mellow of songs such as “Carry On” and “Why Am I The One,” are easy to digest. It does not take much to enjoy Some Nights for what it is. The big sound and care that was put into every aspect of the album is well worth a listen.

Recommended Tracks: Carry On, Why Am I The One, All Alright

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