Frankie Rose – Interstellar

by Allison Walker (Journalism/Cinema Studies), published February 28th 2012

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After dipping her toes in the waters of different Brooklyn bands, Frankie Rose has finally acquired a sound she can call her own. It’s even taken her a while to detach from titles like Frankie Rose and The Outs, but Rose’s latest album, Interstellar, is filed under simply her name. This new album is gleaming with synth pop and is designated for the dreamers.

Rose has ditched the scratchy lo-fi sound of her garage band past and developed a very enjoyable, clear electronic aesthetic. Inspirations for Interstellar could include The Cocteau Twins, The Cure, and New Order. “Know Me” is one of the lead offs of the album and one of the catchier tunes. The upbeat yet familiar drum opening beckons us into the neon decade of the 80s.

In “Pair of Wings”, Rose’s singing is accompanied by a modest choir. Lyrics echo her desire to somehow acquire wings to take her out of the madness of city life. This desire is weeping with the chorus ‘Show me your scars/I’ll show you mine/Perched out of the city/On a pair of power lines’.

In the grooviest track off the album, “Night Swimming,” dream pop is heightened. Rose whales her lyrics in between shortened, quick breath singing. Her clever instrument usage is especially utilized as well. The quickly strummed and dotted points of the guitar are interrupted with a screeching melody.

Frankie Rose’s new album gives the rest of us hope that after years of being just one of the pillars to a greater being, you can stand on your own. Rose has left the past behind her and mustered up her own voice through inspiration and innovation. Interstellar, by definition, is the matter that exists between the stars. Rose’s cover art for this album cover beckons us into this space and her music provides the soundtrack.

Recommended Tracks: Know Me, Night Swimming

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