Delta Spirit – Delta Spirit

by Ryan Kehr (English), published March 9th 2012

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For the yet-to-be-introduced, here’s a bit of background: Delta Spirit is a five-piece indie outfit hailing from the mountains of San Diego. Over the past 8 years, they’ve carved out their own spot in the indie community with a distinctively old-school approach to songwriting that filters rock ‘n’ roll down to its soulful roots.

The band’s newest album, a self-titled LP due out on March 13th, is a slight departure from this roots-rock sound found in their earlier work. I’m not gonna lie, I was more than a little skeptical of this change at first. I mean, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right? After a couple listens though I was skeptical no more. Delta Spirit had taught me a valuable lesson: If it ain’t broke, make it better.

While the record does have a more varied and modern sound than previous releases, it doesn’t abandon the energy and grit that Delta Spirit is famous for. The track “California” is a perfect example. Underlying synth lines, repetitive vocal hooks, and vintage guitar tones all work flawlessly together to give the listener a fun and memorable track to rock out to at full volume. This trend also continues with “Home,” a quiet and intimate tune that layers a beautiful droning synth bass-line and finger-picked electric guitar to complement the lead vocals with great effect.

If this new modern direction scares the hell out of you, don’t fret! Delta Spirit returns to their origins with tracks like “Empty House” and “Idaho,” both of which are just as loud and obnoxiously wonderful as you’d expect them to be.

This record is the result of a band that finally feels comfortable in their own skin. Delta Spirit is no longer a bunch of young guns rocking out with wild abandon. Now they’re a couple of mature gentlemen…but they’re sure as hell still rocking out.

Recommended Tracks: Empty House, California, Yamaha

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