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by Shea Geyer (Pharmacy), published October 11th 2012

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It seems that this past year has been the year of electronic dance music, especially with the infiltration of EDM into other music genres. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is yet another electronic dance music album for you to get your hands on.  >album title goes here< isn’t just any other EDM album though.  Joel Zimmerman, better known as Deadmau5 when he’s wearing the mouse head, has put together an album that contains some of his best work to date.  Fusing his progressive house style from For Lack of a Better Name and his dubstep-like tendencies from 4×4=12, >album title goes here< is a breath of fresh air in the overpopulated EDM scene.

>album title goes here< features collaborations with Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, Cyprus Hill and Imogen Heap, which adds a new level of variation to the sound of the album.  These songs seem almost out of place in the midst of songs that are primarily house beats because Zimmerman tailored the songs to reflect the typical sound of the featured artists.  “Professional Griefers,” featuring Gerard Way, is a heavy song with Way’s aggressive vocals and electronic beats to match.  On the other hand, “Telemiscommunications” with Imogen Heap is melancholic and has the same slow beats on repeat in the background.  The collaboration with Cyprus Hill, “Failbait,” is probably the most out-of-place song on the album.  The hip-hop beats and rapping just don’t fit with the flow of the album.  “Failbait” isn’t an unbearable song, but when this song starting playing through my headphones, my first thought was, “What is this?”

The rest of the album is the usual Deadmau5 fashion of the perfect combination of house beats.  “Fn Pig” is reminiscent of “Strobe,” except the beats are a bit on the heavier side.  The most surprising song on the album is ”Closer,” which starts with a variation of the notes the aliens play in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”  I was flabbergasted that Zimmerman incorporated those notes into his song because he usually creates his own sounds from scratch.  “There Might Be Coffee” is a standout track that starts off calm and collected, and then layers into a caffeinated frenzy.

As hinted by the album cover of >album title goes here<, Deadmau5 isn’t just letting the mouse rule everything; he’s allowing room for others to influence the sound on his album.  In this case, incorporating nontraditional Deadmau5 electronic music has separated Zimmerman from the plethora of today’s EDM DJs.

Recommended tracks: There Might Be Coffee, October, Superliminal

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  1. housemusic=snoozemusic says:

    Yeah I liked that song where the beat was all “THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP” and then that other song where it was all “THUMP THUMP THUMP”