Beach House – Bloom

by Shea Geyer (Pharmacy), published May 21st 2012

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Teen Dream, created an atmospheric dreamscape with keyboards, melodic guitar riffs and Victoria Legrand’s sultry voice.  Bloom, Beach House’s fourth album, picks up where Teen Dream left off, but with more depth and and a touch of darkness.

“Myth,” the first single off the album and the album opener, is very melancholic in nature with the layering of instrumentation and Legrand’s unique vocals.  The sweeping guitar riff complements Legrand, adding an erethral element to the song.  “Lazuli,” the song that was released on a 7″ for Record Store Day,  is a bit more upbeat with persistent ascending and descending keyboard notes, while Legrand builds her vocals to explode into “ah ah ahs.”  The most lyrically beautiful song on Bloom is awarded to “The Hours.”  Legrand croons, ”It’s deeper than you and me/It’s all in a glance you’ll see/It’s farther than we could be.”  The song may not be the cheeriest depending on how you interpret the lyrics, but the relative simplicity of the instrumentation places the focus of the song strictly on Legrand’s’ vocals; a stand out from the other songs on the album.

Bloom showcases Beach House experimenting with more synth and darker lyrics, but preserving the integrity of the Beach House sound.  Unlike some bands who feel the need to drastically change their sound from album to album, Beach House succeeds at adding subtle changes to their sound to give each album is its own unique quality.  The all-encompassing dream pop sound continues on Bloom, and listening to the entire album in one sitting is a necessity to fully appreciate the masterpiece that Beach House has created.

Recommended Tracks: Myth, Wild, Lazuli, The Hours, New Year

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