We Came as Romans – Understanding What We’ve Grown to Be

by Brooke Daly (Journalism), published November 10th 2011

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Detroit, MI’s We Came As Romans have become quite popular in the short time leading up to the release of their sophomore album, Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be. Known for their hooks, positive themes, and unique vocals, the post-hardcore outfit’s large fan base have a lot to look forward to on this album.

We Came As Romans did not disappoint. Improving upon the components of their music that made them successful, WCAR improves particularly well in the guitar and vocal department. The addition of electronic elements do not sound out of place and rather works well with the more traditional elements of the album. The lyrics and themes of this record are some of guitarist and lyricist Joshua Moore’s best. Moore’s personal, honest, and refreshing lyrics are more meaningful and thought provoking and relatable than ever. Some of the strongest lyrics can be found in the tracks “What I Wish I Never Had,” “Cast The First Stone,” and “Mis//Understanding.”

I have few qualms with this album. For example, Moore reuses a few lines from their previous album To Plant A Seed. This can be found in “Views That Never Cease, To Keep Me From Myself” and the title track. Lead singer Kyle Pavone sounds better than ever on this release, but does not mix it up that much, choosing to stick with a similar tone on most of the songs.

Overall, We Came As Romans released a strong follow-up record that will surely be among the favorites of many post-hardcore fans. Their effort shows as a band, making the album worth the listen. Even if you don’t like this type of music, the lyrics are wonderful written, capturing an art in itself.

Recommended Tracks: What I Wish I Never Had, Cast The First Stone, Everything As Planned, A War Inside

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