Spraynard – Funtitled

by Nathan Goldman (Computer Science/Cognitive Psychology), published July 6th 2011

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As might be expected from a band that just released a free album called Funtitled, the members of Spraynard don’t take themselves too seriously. This West Chester, PA three-piece band plays a heartfelt mixture of pop-punk and melodic hardcore that will sound familiar to fans of Latterman, RVIVR and Iron Chic.

The Spraynard formula is simple: short songs (the 12-song album is only 26 minutes long), jokey names (e.g. ‘€œHomies Where the Heart Is’€), and sincere passion.  Spraynard’s philosophy is simple’€”the best way overcome angst and self-doubt is to live your life carefree and to the fullest, with youthful abandon. Perhaps the strongest statement of this youthful optimism comes from the song ‘€œSpooky, Scary,’€ with lyrics like ‘€œWhen I’m dead it’s gonna read on my tombstone, ‘€˜Life is something to laugh about.”€ and ‘€œThe only thing we’ll regret is not knowing what regret feels like.’€

Knowing that, it’s a little hard to be critical of this band’s shortcomings. Is Spraynard’s style anything you haven’t heard before? Of course not; they aren’t covering any new musical ground whatsoever.  But the thing is, even though they’re unoriginal, they’re really good at what they do, both in their musicality and their passionate attitude.  Everything sounds great’€”the rumble of the guitars, the pounding of the drums, and the emotional shouts of the vocalists. As a friend said to me after I had suggested Funtitled to him, ‘€œThis is what pop-punk is supposed to sound like.’€

Recommended Tracks: O.R. They?, Spooky, Scary, Joe Gallagher’s Fantasy Fun Camp

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