Real Estate – Days

by Allison Walker (Journalism/Cinema Studies), published November 1st 2011

Moldy | Stale | Edible | Fresh | Tasty!

New Jersey has unleashed many things besides a toxic stench and Jersey Shore. The band, Real Estate, has released their new and polished second album, Days, from a backyard blow up pool on a warm Jersey day—or at least that’s what it sounds like.

Real Estate has perfected a breezy and seemingly effortless approach to music. In the eyes of these band members, music doesn’t have to be difficult. Sometimes the most mundane, everyday activities can be the subjects of masterpieces. This opinion is apparent in the first track’s title, “Easy,” which unveils simple lyrics and the charming strum of the guitar.

Days introduces a stronger sound in comparison to their self-titled debut. Past tracks were almost so chill that you found yourself dozing off half way through the album and then splashed in the face with an awesome guitar lick. New tracks like “It’s Real” and “Kinder Blumen” offer listeners more memorable, foot-tapping melodies.  My personal favorite tune, “It’s Real”, has a more mainstream sound with belting ‘oh-oh-ohs’ that are definitely worth the repeat.

The album may be more refined but they still hang on tightly (or rather nonchalantly) to their laid back charm. Stand out track “Green Aisles” glows with nostalgia. A love story is laid out plain and simply in the lyrics while hazy sound waves penetrate your eardrums. Martin Courtney sings, “The phone lines, the street lights, led me to you/and if you, just sit tight, I’ll be there soon.”

Aiding New Jersey’s quest for a better reputation, this band has taken garage-surf rock to a comfortable level of mellow. The lyrics may not be masterful but the guitar speaks for itself. Weaving through a new musical decade’s outburst of Brooklyn-born bands, Real Estate has been able to subtly give us music that we don’t have to decode—we can just enjoy.

Recommended Tracks: Green Aisles, It’s Real

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