Mogwai – Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will

by Sean Reid (Music Industry), published March 24th 2011

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Sixteen years and seven albums into their career, Mogwai still get pegged as a one-dimensional band due to their penchant for eardrum-bursting music. While cranking up the volume on many of the band’s songs showcases their true power, dynamics aren’t the only thing the band brings to the table. The best Mogwai songs are stocked with aural rewards for the patient and attentive listener. When compared to its predecessor, Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will finds the band taking a tighter approach to their songwriting, making the aforementioned payoffs far more accessible but no less gratifying.

Slow-building album opener ‘€œWhite Noise’€ is unmistakably Mogwai, as are ‘€œRano Pano’€ and ‘€œSan Pedro’€, all featuring signature distorted guitars and thundering drums. Mogwai also demonstrates their willingness to branch out from their time-tested formulas on tracks like ‘€œMexican Grand Prix’€ and ‘€œGeorge Square Thatcher Death Party.’€ Both songs are surprisingly upbeat and feature prominent (although heavily-distorted) vocals. ‘€œHow to Be A Werewolf’€ may test the perseverance of many listeners due to its dull beginning, but those who stick through it will not be disappointed. Finally, it wouldn’t quite be a Mogwai record without a slow-burning and epic closing track, and though it clocks in at a brief 8 and a half minutes, ‘€œYou’re Lionel Richie’€ packs a major punch and is easily the best track on the album.

Like all Mogwai albums, Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will doesn’t offer any straightforward messages to its listeners, putting each song up for interpretation.  While this may be a source of frustration for many, those who welcome such a challenge will undoubtedly find that time invested in this album is time well spent.

Recommended Tracks: Rano Pano, George Square Thatcher Death Party, You’re Lionel Richie

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