Little Dragon – Ritual Union

by Leslie Fowle (English/Journalism), published August 4th 2011

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I love everything that comes out of Sweden. That country is a minefield of pop music genius, from Lykke Li to Robyn to ABBA. (Ironically enough, you will never actually find any minefields there-Sweden is neutral as shit.)

No less amazing is the latest from the Swedish four piece band, Little Dragon. I’ve been following them ever since I heard lead singer Yukimi Nagano’s cool vocals on the Gorillaz 2010 track, ‘€œEmpire Ants.’€

Ritual Union, which came out on July 25th, is actually their third album since the band’s creation in 1996. And they have certainly experienced a lot of growth since then. Ritual Union seems to be a combination of the soulfulness of their eponymous first album, and the more dance-hall vibe of their sophomore effort, Machine Dreams.

The title track tells the story of a woman’s disenchantment with marriage (hence, ‘€œritual union’€) and the idea that love lasts forever. I’m almost positive this song will become the song of the end of summer 2011, the one that symbolizes the end of the season with its beach-y imagery and bittersweet nostalgia.

Other stand-out tracks are ‘€œCrystalfilm,’€ which is just downright sexy, and ‘€œNightlight’€which shows off their quirky electronic sensibilities and dancability, and is even a bit reminiscent of the sex pop of Prince.

Let Ritual Union be the album that takes you through the rest of the summer and look out for Nagano’s voice on upcoming singles throughout the year. She’s a favorite among DJ’s and electronic masterminds, and she makes their beats sound so much cooler.

Little Dragon ‘Ritual Union’ (Live on Fallon) from lentetijd on Vimeo.

Recommended Tracks: Ritual Union, Crystalfilm

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