Kasabian – Velociraptor!

by Bianca Gracie (Communications/Journalism), published October 25th 2011

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Fed up of being drowned out by the sounds of hipster bands whispering into their microphones, Kasabian fans like me were impatiently waiting for the Leicestershire band to follow up 2009’s West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum with a new record. This fall,Velociraptor! was finally released to shut us all up.

The record opens with “Let’s Roll Just Like We Used To,” using bold cinematic elements that could have easily placed it in a film like “Inglorious Bastards.” Tom Meighan’s vocals are smoother than ever, separating himself from weaker indie vocalists. My favorite, “Days Are Forgotten,” continues with the soundtrack theme. The sickening electric guitar would fit perfectly in a James Bond film.

“Acid Turkish Bath (Shelter From The Storm)” continues the audacious tone that Velociraptor! embodies. The introduction is haunting, and the different notes and tempos create a sonic adventure.

“I Hear Voices” shows Kasabian tracing back to their roots. It is rich with electric synths, and has blunt lyrics to back it up like, “My soul you can have it, ‘cause it don’t mean shit. I sell it to the devil for another hit. And midnight is coming and I wish that you were here.” The lyricism is straight and to the point, not burdened with unnecessary metaphors that can be found in numerous indie songs.

Kasabian prolongs the nostalgia with the album’s most powerful song, “Switchblade Smiles.” As soon as the synths dropped, I was brought back to when I first heard the band with their breakout 2004 hit “Club Foot.” The listeners’ ears are being completely fucked with and tormented—it is classic Kasabian.

Velociraptor! is one of the best music albums of the year, period. The production is incredible and embodies true rock n’ roll, which has been missing in the current sea of ubiquitous indie bands. The songs are expertly composed and have a classic vibe that still sounds fresh in 2011. From the poetic lyricism to the intense melodies, Velociraptor! is an album you want to keep in your collection to prove to non-believers that rock n’ roll still survives.

Recommended Tracks: Days Are Forgotten, Velociraptor!, Switchblade Smiles

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