Daughter – His Young Heart EP

by Suzie Conway (Communications), published August 8th 2011

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One of the most downright beautiful voices I’ve heard recently, Daughter (Elena Tonra) floored me upon first listen. It’s hard to find a person with a voice that’s both pleasant and emotive, but Daughter is one of the few to possess both vocal qualities. Her voice dances along octaves like there’s nothing to it. And at only 21, this British songstress is clearly not done yet.

His Young Heart opens with the depressingly beautiful song, ‘€œLandfill’€ (which was a free download on iTunes last week). Somehow her delicate voice evokes all the dark imagery the lyrics suggest. With lines like ‘€œThrow me in the landfill, don’t think about the consequences,’€ and ‘€œI want you so much, but I hate your guts,’€ you have to wonder what special kind of jerk could inflict so much pain on her.

‘€œCandles’€ seems to convey a sort of idealistic hope, that with a new year things will change as she ‘€œblows out the candles.’€ But the song is still grounded with a dark pessimism of events past that have left her slightly broken.

Closing track ‘€œSwitzerland’€ heavily features an accordion and rather unintelligible lyrics masked under a blanket of echoed oohs and aahs. It’s a happy note to end on, that maybe with future releases, Daughter will find her peace. But until then, this four-track EP, complete with a power-punch of emotions, can complement any summer bluesy mood.

Recommended Tracks: Landfill, Candles

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