Battles – Gloss Drop

by Lauren Moquin (Journalism), published June 16th 2011

Moldy | Stale | Edible | Fresh | Tasty!

The whole album is a sonic storm, the good type of storm though. It is the type of storm that you sit by your window to watch. There is just a quirky mature way in which the album was crafted to hit emotions at strong levels. A range of sensual and aggressive tones makes up an album that needs very few lyrics to make an impression.

‘€œAfricastle’€ welcomes the listener to Gloss Drop with a good hint as to what they’re in for. A lighter collaboration of synth and guitar make for a reflective melancholy mood, but later break into a spark of adrenaline with pounding drums and a piercing guitar/vocal riff. Each track shines in its lighter and heavier points in this way. The seamless change in mood is definitely something to note as the album moves along.

The brave attempt to mix both indie electronic aspects of guitar and vocal techniques with traditional rock beats, is what makes this album so intriguing. The easiest track to appreciate these unique qualities is ‘€œIce Cream.’€ A bobbing drum beat serves as a backbone to rushing vocal beats. The sound is so big, it surrounds with its nonsense and uncontrollable nature. If in reality ice cream is an experience akin to how Battles perceives it, there will be many overwhelmed, confused people dancing in the streets this summer.

Recommended Tracks: Ice Cream, Inchworm, Sweetie & Shag

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