Vampire Weekend – Contra

by Abigail Copleston (Music Industry), published June 28th 2010

With the release of their second album, Vampire Weekend does not disappoint. Along with making it to the number one spot on the Billboard top 100 list, they have certainly matured their sound, and seem a bit braver as well.

‘€œContra’€ opens with ‘€œHorchata’€, which has a bit of an Afro-pop and also Indian influence intertwined throughout. These mixed together create an exciting and very full sound. Along with this song, the majority of the songs on this album experiment with different themes and instruments, which creates an eclectic mix of influences that come together seamlessly. ‘€œWhite Sky’€ gives off an 80′s pop feeling, with a strong drum/bass line moving the song along. Also prevalent in many of the songs is the use of electronic sounds, such as in ‘€œCalifornia English’€, which uses auto-tune, but in way that makes the vocals sound more flighty for a striking sound.

The whole album has a happy and light-hearted feel, which lead singer Ezra Keonig’s lilting voice does an excellent job of delivering. I would say that for fans looking for some similarities between Contra and Vampire Weekend’s first self-titled album, ‘€œHoliday’€ would probably be your best bet. The songs on this album keep you on your toes, always unpredictable and never sounding the same.

Recommended Tracks: Holiday, Cousins, White Sky

Rating: 4.5/5

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