Royksopp – Senior

by Ann Nguyen (International Affairs and Envrionmental Studies), published October 19th 2010

Consider Senior as Junior’s cooler and sexier older sibling. Senior is the kind of person that embodies an ‘€œI don’t give a fuck about you or societal norms’€ type of attitude. He’s the kind of guy that you happen to find at a club by chance that casually will glance up at your face from time to time while snubbing out his Parliament Cigarette. When he opens his lips, his words ignite an earth shattering musical eargasm.

Royksopp describes their fourth album as ‘€œintroverted, dwelling, and sometimes graceful counterpart (to Junior) - brimful with dark secrets and distorted memories, insisting ‘€œI’m old, I’ve got experience”.”

It’s a lot slower than Melody A.M and Junior, but it suits listeners who dig the vibes of Amnesiac or In Rainbows by Radiohead, O by Damien Rice, Flying Lotus, Vitalic, Further by The Chemical Brothers, Self Titled Album or Plastic Beach by the Gorillaz. It’s perfect the perfect album for those who need an extremely restful sleep, a soundtrack for meaningful intimate moments, or just need to tune in and drop out of reality for a while.

Senior’s stand out tracks include Tricky Two and Forsaken Cowboy.

Tricky Two has two versions: Instrumental and Vocal. If you want a more calmer and deeper experience, go for the Instrumental. However, if you’re ready to embark on a classic 90′s acid trip, then the vocal version is just for you. The busyness from the song’s quick and upbeat pace along with the 80′s esque synthesizers makes the song anything short of incredible. If you want an electronic upgrade of Tricky Tricky, go for the brilliant Insinio Remix which was the winner of the Royksopp Remix competition.

If you couldn’t get enough of Tricky Tricky or just need a song that’ll make you melt, Forsaken Cowboy is just for you. The 5:31 minute masterpiece embodies an eerie but extremely sexy auora that makes the track a musical treasure. The dissonant chords in the beginning mixed with the fading-in-and out vocals and the ricka-dicka-doom percussion will send shivers down your spine guaranteed. Forsaken Cowboy shows you how far Royksopp has come in their musical evolution and the hours they spent on perfecting their musical craft.

All in All, you’ll never forget Senior and won’t ever stop thinking about him for the rest of your life. You’ll never be able to get enough of him, ever. Thanks Royksopp.

Reccomended Tracks: Tricky Tricky and Forsaken Cowboy

Rating: 4.0/5

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