Jimmy Eat World – Invented

by Leah Tribbett (English), published October 19th 2010

Jimmy Eat World’s much-anticipated new album, Invented, is just as good as expected, if not more. To some listeners, myself included, the band will never top the subtle brilliance of ‘€œClarity’€–but Invented comes pretty damn close. With the soulful lyrics which strike such a chord with their supporters and the muted pounding of the music, this album is sure to gain a dedicated following quickly. Following suit, the lyrics are at once simple and complex; “My Best Theory” has lead vocalist Jim Adkins singing, ‘€œSo many questions/And the answers come back unanswered/Let’s hope the old script gets a new twist.’€ The song “Evidence” recalls an older Jimmy Eat World (‘€œFollow you around until it’s time/Time to leave’€) while “Higher Devotion” seems to be a variation on the old. Invention isn’t the best Jimmy Eat World could offer, but it definitely has a fresh spin on old styles from them, as well as the standard favorites from them, which is everything a fan of theirs could ask for and more.

Rating: 3.5/5
Recommended Tracks: ‘€œHeart is Hard to Find,’€ ‘€œEvidence’€ and ‘€œCoffee and Cigarettes’€

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