Jimmy Eat World – Invented

by Liam Pesce (music industry), published October 26th 2010

In a world where no one writes their own songs anymore, it can be hard to distinguish a real band that puts its heart and soul into an album from an  over-commercialized group lacking in the talent area. With Invented, alternative rockers Jimmy Eat World have dug deep down to round off their sound with a newfound maturity that shines in several places. Mark Trombino, the producer of their two previous albums Clarity and Bleed American, returns to blend both sounds together in perfect harmony.

Intro track ‘€œHeart Is Hard To Find’€ starts off the album with a delicate acoustic rhythm similar to a song from Clarity. The first single ‘€œMy Best Theory’€ is a colossal rock jam reminiscent of ‘€œPain’€ from Futures; definitely an album highlight.

On a few songs like ‘€œCoffee And Cigarettes’€ and ‘€œEvidence,’€ the band sticks to what they know and what their fans are comfortable with. In the latter, the line ‘€œI watched you put a dress on I’d never seen/Something that begged for East Atlantic breeze’€ is but one example of the poetic delivery in Jim Adkins’ themed lyrics usually dealing with deep personal reflection.

The real prize comes at the very end of the record with songs ‘€œInvented’€ and ‘€œMixtape.’€ Being probably two of the best songs Jimmy Eat World has ever recorded, they are just oozing with warm emotion and flawless musicianship that hasn’t been heard before.  With all this in mind, Invented certainly does not change the face of the genre the band has created for itself but it’s still a solid record from a solid band. Overall, the album serves as a melting pot of Jimmy Eat World’s previous works. No disappointments here.

Rating: /5

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