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Local H

A Q&A with Scott Lucas

Scott Lucas, the singer/guitarist/songwriter behind Local H, will not be stopped. A mere two months after touring behind the 20th anniversary of As Good As Dead, their brilliant concept album on the rage and dejection engendered by small-town life, Local H is back on the road opening for Helmet. It’s a fitting pairing, as both bands are hard-working warhorses from the heavier side of ‘90s alt-rock. They’ll be coming to… continue reading


Local Photos: Phantogram @ House of Blues 10.21.16

Returning with their third album “Three” earlier this year, New York dream pop duo Phantogram headlined a show at the House of Blues in Boston last week. Check out photographer Rio Asch Phoenix’s photos of the show below!  


LVL UP – Return to Love

Moldy | Stale | Edible | Fresh | Tasty!

If, in about a month or so, the universe conspires against us all and allows for the election of Donald Trump as the next president of this sinking ship of a country, and the new administration rounds up everyone who isn’t a straight white dude and marches us all down to the gates of hell, I will gladly accept my doomed fate, as long as LVL UP’s Return to Love… continue reading


Panorama Fest 2016- Day Three Recap

The thing people tend to forget about festivals is that they happen in the summer, and summer is hot. So when my girlfriend and I landed on Randall’s island for day three of Panorama Festival, we quickly bought some ice cream sandwiches and posted up in the shade on a hill looking down at the main stage, staying there for about the first half of the day. The first artist… continue reading

Band of Horses

Show Review: Band of Horses @ The Orpheum 9.20.16

I was eight years old when my dad took me to an REO Speedwagon concert, somewhere in the 2004. To him, songs like “Roll With the Changes” were anthems from his high school days that he was gladly reliving as a full grown adult. When Ben Bridwell shouted, “To know me as hardly golden – Is to know me all wrong, they were”, I bet somebody at the Orpheum that… continue reading


Show Review: Yoni & Geti @ Brighton Music Hall 6.9.16

Yoni & Geti have a lot to overcome in terms of past identities. Yoni Wolf’s name is inescapably tied in with his alternative hip-hop band Why?, and Serengeti’s primary claim to fame is his participation in supergroup Sisyphus. Thus, the two artists are forced to forge a new identity in the wake of fans who may want them to simply return to the old. In concert, they combatted this problem… continue reading


Show Review: BORIS @ The Paradise Rock Club 8.9.16

I picked a rough night to forget my earplugs. On August ninth, three-piece Japanese metal band Boris tore the roof off of the paradise and left me near-deaf for days to follow. Their explosive performance of their now-classic 2006 album Pink brought an energy and charisma that smashed through the language barrier and delivered well over an hour of pure unbridled hype. That being said, Boris were by no means… continue reading

Buzzcocks 2

Show Review: Buzzcocks @ Royale 9.27.16

  Buzzcocks may not have been the first punk band to write love songs, but they were the first punk band to write love songs that sounded like punk songs. While Ramones used ‘50s girl-group saccharin to keep feelings at a safely ironic distance, Buzzcocks set their brutally incisive lyrics about relationships to the same power-chord pummeling that accompanied their songs about alienation. That alone makes Buzzcocks one of first-wave… continue reading


Show Review: Basement @ Worcester Palladium 9.3.16

Few experiences are as cathartic to a young music fan as screaming the words to your favorite song at an intimate show. This past Saturday, UK five-piece Basement provided a few hundred kids just that in the ridiculously small upstairs room at the Palladium. Upon entry, I was delighted to discover the absence of a barricade; as a fan of Basement since high school, they have a special place in… continue reading


Q&A with Kishi Bashi

Previously a keyboardist and violinist for acclaimed indie rock band of Montreal, Kishi Bashi is no stranger to pushing the limits of pop music. The multi-instrumentalist effectively united classical leanings with indie-pop eccentricity in his first two albums, receiving much acclaim for their orchestral beauty. Ditching the strings for his synths, Kishi Bashi has decided to test out the somber, more detached electronic route for his latest album, Sonderlust, out… continue reading


Show Review: Pierce the Veil @ Paradise Rock Club 6.14.16

On June 14th Pierce the Veil rocked the Paradise Rock Club on their Misadventures Tour. Establishing themselves as leading acts in the heavier sides of pop punk with their album Collide with the Sky in 2012, the four-piece band released Misadventures earlier this year. The venue was sold out, completely packing the pit as well as the balcony areas. The band’s dedicated fans had been waiting since the morning to… continue reading