“Every Time The Sun Comes Up”: Sharon Van Etten’s New Single

It doesn’t seem too long ago that Ms. Van Etten released her debut LP Because I Was In Love, and that’s largely because it wasn’t. Just five years after throwing herself into the Brooklyn songwriting scene, Van Etten’s fourth studio album, Are We There?, is slated for an early June release. The hype train started up this week with the release of its first single, “Every Time The Sun Comes… continue reading


The Overachiever’s Guide to Coachella 2014

Just because you and I don’t have Coachella tickets doesn’t mean we can’t participate in the fun “I know this obscure up and coming band, and am therefore cooler than you” game. Want to be that pretentious music festival know-it-all, without ever leaving the comforting glow of your computer screen? Here are 13 acts to know, and later pretend you had already heard of.   GOAT: This Swedish alt-rock experimental… continue reading

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Day After St. Patrick’s Day Mixtape: Irish Music You Might Listen To The Other 364 Days Of The Year

Now that you’ve all had your fill of Diplo Riverdance mash-ups and Finish The Keg Before “Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya” Is Over!!!! foolery, don’t think that you’ve somehow done your due diligence and don’t have to look at the color green or hear a fiddle until next March. Here is a selection of Irish music new and old that might elongate your attention span for the culture you brutally… continue reading

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“Midnight”: Coldplay’s Unexpected New Single

Coldplay can probably be ranked among the most consistently successful acts of the 21st century. Chris Martin and pals have been putting out chart-topping singles and selling out arenas since their debut, Parachute, at the turn of the century. Earlier this morning, a cryptic tweet led up to the release of a new single “Midnight”—supposedly a sneak peek at their currently untitled sixth album due out later this year. After… continue reading


Seeing Double: Paul Trillo’s Beautiful New Music Video

  With the resurgence of analog film, the art of double exposure is creeping back into mainstream exhibits and art projects around the world; for evidence, one has to look no farther than the works of contemporary photographers Andre de Freitas, Dan Mountford, Tamara Lichtenstein or Fontas Nicloas. (All of which are spectacular by the way—definitely recommend checking them out.) For those unfamiliar, the technique itself is quite simple: simply… continue reading


The Aphrodisiac Mixtape: Songs to Increase your Libido

As the sensual mastermind Marvin Gaye so eloquently put it, “Music, not sex, got me aroused.” The average human spends each day seduced by their environment. Whether it comes from the airbrushed sex-bomb selling perfume on a billboard or the booty-popping teen idol shakin’ it on national television, the persuasion of pleasure is unavoidable… and why should it not be? Sexuality is a primal part of our DNA, and most… continue reading

winter mix tape

Mixtape: Songs for a Long & Crummy Winter

It’s cold. It drags on. It’s miserable. It requires music to get through. It’s winter. Good luck with all those seasonal blues.


A Song About Pi

Happy Pi Day!  In honor of this day, here is the most bizarre music video on YouTube about Pi. From strange acting and an unexpected rap segment, to a cardboard robot repeating the numbers of Pi, you will undoubtedly be left perplexed when it’s all over.


Battle of the Bands 2013 Lineup

Anjimile by Tom Doherty (Journalism) Anjimile Yvonne’s vocals will settle permanently inside your head. She has a voice that is powerful but endearing, captivating yet serene. The juxtaposition of cynical lyrics and acoustic indie pop complement her voice and maximize its potential. After growing up in Texas, Anjimile came to Northeastern and began to immerse herself in Boston’s music scene by playing a number of open mic events. At one… continue reading


A Week of Online Feuds

Passive aggression, thy name is Twitter. Twitter and other social media have been the go-to medium for celebrities to mouth-off, and while many slip under the radar, several fights have been heating up this week. Here’s the rundown on this week’s musicians who’ve been taking their personal issues to the internet. Azealia Banks This week, Banks has been facing backlash from gay groups, Perez Hilton, and other activist groups for… continue reading


Preview: Atlas Genius @ House Of Blues Boston 2.25.13

One of Australia’s latest indie-pop-rock imports, Atlas Genius, hails from Adaleide in South Australia and has begun making big waves in the States. The band, described by vocalist/guitarist Keith Jeffrey as a “cross between Kylie Minogue and Slipknot,” sounds less like what he described and more like a mix of Walk The Moon and Boy & Bear – sorry to disappoint if you were really excited about the Kylie/Slipknot blend…. continue reading