A Week of Online Feuds

by Suzie Conway (Communications), published February 21st 2013

azPassive aggression, thy name is Twitter. Twitter and other social media have been the go-to medium for celebrities to mouth-off, and while many slip under the radar, several fights have been heating up this week. Here’s the rundown on this week’s musicians who’ve been taking their personal issues to the internet.

Azealia Banks

This week, Banks has been facing backlash from gay groups, Perez Hilton, and other activist groups for using gay slurs. I was planning to write a review this week on the release of Banks’ first full-length album, Broke with Expensive Taste. The album was supposed to be released this month, but has been delayed with no concrete new drop date given.

After Banks released her remix of the inescapable (believe me, I’ve tried) “Harlem Shake,” she initiated a Twitter feud, hurling gay slurs at the “Harlem Shake” original artist, Baauer, and Perez Hilton, for blocking the release of her version on his site. Before the fight started, Banks was to team with Baauer and collaborator Diplo to release the single, but creative differences derailed that plan. Banks then released her version without their permission, starting off this Twitter tirade.

Banks has not, as of yet, apologized for her tweets, and has directly insulted gay activist groups like GLAAD in the process. Despite Banks’ proclivity for causing trouble, this may be the type of feud that doesn’t go away quietly.

Patrick Carney & Justin Bieber

After taking a break from harassing Nickelback, Patrick Carney set his sights on Justin Bieber and his loyal camp of prepubescent fan-girls. Carney and Bieber got in a tiff after Carney, while on the red carpet of the Grammys, attributed Bieber’s lack of awards to his pursuit of money.  Bieber replied on Twitter, saying Carney needed to be “slapped around”.

Carney took it to the next level by altering his Twitter identity to taunt Bieber. Carney has since abandoned his pseudo identity theft, but it’s doubtful the Beliebers who are not well known for forgiveness, will let it go so easily. Considering the level of fame and money The Black Keys are achieving, perhaps they’re not as far from Bieber as they may hope.

Kelly Clarkson & Clive Davis

This feud had some more traditional origins—musician writes memoir, musician trashes other musician in memoir,  feud develops, repeat as necessary.  In this case, Clive Davis released a memoir for which he’s been getting a lot of attention.  The primary news story has involved Davis coming out as bisexual (which is still newsworthy apparently), with the second story being Davis’ descriptions of his interactions with Kelly Clarkson.

Clarkson rebutted Davis’ claims that she cried after she had to include the hit “Since U Been Gone” on her album. In addition, she denied Davis’ claim that her album My December was unsuccessful because of her involvement in writing it. Clarkson released a post where she defended the songs that she wrote, including ones that later became hits, like “Because of You.” Clarkson took a more classy approach to the traditional feud, but since Davis’ words will be immortalized in a book instead of eventually getting buried in a feed, it may not disappear from the public’s memory as quickly.

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