Preview: Fitz and the Tantrums @ House of Blues 11.15.16

Fitz & the Tantrums rose to fame with their debut album Pickin’ Up The Pieces in 2010 and has since released two other studio albums, the most recent being a self-titled that they released earlier this year. They’re currently on a fall tour promoting their latest album and are coming to House of Blues in Boston on Nov. 15. According to bassist Joseph Karnes, fans can look forward to a… continue reading


A Millennial’s Tribute to Prince

Today would have been Prince’s 58th birthday, though he didn’t believe in celebrating them—or even counting time, for that matter. As the world continues to mourn his death, I cannot help but remember the start of my relationship with his music and the effect it had on me as a writer. In the sixth grade, I had just two hours to myself after school each day before my parents would… continue reading


Embrace the Rain | A Mixtape by Jonathan Vayness

It’s the first week of May and we haven’t seen a day above 60 degrees, or the sun for that matter. I’ll admit that there’s a certain amount of springtime blues that comes along with the rain, but there’s just no better time to listen to stripped down, mellow music than when Mother Nature is begging you to stay in your room. To help, here’s a playlist for a weekend of staring out wet… continue reading

caspian_2015_marclemoine_theater (2)

Caspian release new single “Darkfield”

Against the ambient uplift of previous single “Sad Heart of Mine,” Caspian’s latest is a lumbering antithesis. And a welcome one. Last week, the Beverly-native post-rockers released “Darkfield,” the second single from their upcoming full-length, Dust & Disquiet. Frantically percussive at the outset, “Darkfield” morphs into a crushing industrial grind in its second half. We’ve heard this formula before – notably on tracks like Waking Season’s “Procellous” – but good… continue reading


Vital Songs of Summer 2014 | A Mixtape by Cara McGrath

Want to live out the rest of summer ’14 by following the “YOLO” motto, but need a hot soundtrack to accompany your regret-free life? Craving some new tunes for a road trip? For a party? For packing all your crap in boxes and moving down the street? Look no further! Here’s a collection of some of this summer’s must-listen tracks to help enhance whatever the last few weeks of vacation… continue reading

Local Photos: Blood Red Shoes @ Great Scott 5.13.14

Check out these great shots by Kit Castagne (Economics Major) of Blood Red Shoes – an alt-rock duo from Brighton, England that livened up the Great Scott back in May; be sure to try and catch them next time they’re in the states!  


Local Photos: Wye Oak @ Paradise 5.9.14

This past month one of our photographers, Kit Castagne (Economics), went to witness the newgaze/indie folk rock duo Wye Oak at Paradise Rock Club. He reported back with satisfaction and some great shots to show for it. Check them out!

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Local Photos: Boston Calling @ City Hall Plaza 5.23.14 – 5.25.14

In case you missed this summer’s beautiful Boston Calling Festival lineup, Leah Corbett (Studio Arts) was there to cover all the greatest highlights with her lens. Check out the gallery below to see bands like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Jack Johnson, The Head and The Heart, Bastille, Modest Mouse, Brand New, The Decemberists, Death Cab for Cutie, Tegan and Sara, and much more at their finest moments.  … continue reading


Local Photos: RJD2 @ Paradise Rock Club 4.13.14

Last April, one of our photographers, Kit Castagne, swung by RJD2‘s set at the Paradise Rock Club. After what was imaginably a night of electronic self-actualization, he managed to sneak away with some great shots. Check out the full gallery below!


The Sound of Afrofuturism | A Mixtape by Will Jobst

This isn’t the “Spice” or “Q” or the “Force.” This isn’t Serenity or Grey Aliens or Area 51. These are the Afronauts: Sun Ra, leader of the Solar Arkestra; Janelle Monae, the Electric Lady of Metropolis; Dr. Funkenstein, his clones, and Star Child. Afrofuturism is the cultural aesthetic that fuses science fiction, Afrocentricity, and non-Western mythos to examine the African Diaspora through a lens of technoculture and science fiction. Prepare… continue reading


The Afterlife | A Mixtape by Mike Doub

Do you think there’s music in heaven? Seth Rogen’s This Is the End claims that the Backstreet Boys will be up there eventually playing through Millenium cuts like it’s 2000, but you don’t hear about the idea much elsewhere. Me personally, I don’t see how heaven could be heaven without music in some capacity. So with that in mind, if you find you’re in heaven and looking for some songs… continue reading