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Tastemakers Sessions with Dinoczar

In the second installment of Tastemakers Sessions, Dinoczar pulled through Digital Media Commons before their show with No Age at Tastemakers Presents and played “In My Head,” “Heavy Hand,” “Three Ducks & A Goose,” “Ghouls,” and “Phonic Disaster.” And yes, we did get a noise complaint. Stay on look out for the third edition of Tastemakers Sessions with Funeral Advantage on April 18!

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Tastemakers Sessions with Anjimile

Singer-songwriter Anjimile stopped by to play a few songs for Tastemakers in the new Digital Media Commons–not too shabby a performance if you ask us! Check out the first installment of Tastemakers Sessions with Anjimile performing “Baker,” “Rats,” “Warm Hearts,” “Ipswich” and “The Arboretum.” Be sure to check in next week for the next Tastemakers Session with Dinoczar!


Seeing Double: Paul Trillo’s Beautiful New Music Video

  With the resurgence of analog film, the art of double exposure is creeping back into mainstream exhibits and art projects around the world; for evidence, one has to look no farther than the works of contemporary photographers Andre de Freitas, Dan Mountford, Tamara Lichtenstein or Fontas Nicloas. (All of which are spectacular by the way—definitely recommend checking them out.) For those unfamiliar, the technique itself is quite simple: simply… continue reading