Local Photos: Boston Calling @ City Hall Plaza 5.22-24.15

photos by Sebastian Herforth

The Spring edition of Boston Calling took over City Hall Plaza at the end of May with sets from the Pixies, My Morning Jacket, Beck, Tame Impala, Tenacious D and numerous others. Photographer Sebastian Herforth was on site all weekend to capture the scenes.

GenCrowd-6 Pixies-4 Pixies-1 Pixies-5 MMJ-1 MMJ-2 MMJ-4 MMJ-8 Beck-3 Beck-4 BenHarper-5 BenHarper-4 BenHarper-2 TI-8 TI-12 TI-2 TI-6 TI-15 TD-2 TD-11 TD-5 TD-4 TD-13 MatD-1 MatD-4 MatD-7 MatD-9 SVE-1 SVE-2 SVE-4 SVE-8 SV-9 SV-11 SV-1 SV-8 SV-7 TOTR-7 TOTR-8 TOTR-10 TOTR-15 TOTR-16 GerardWay-4 GerardWay-8 GerardWay-9 GerardWay-11 JasonIsbell-5 JasonIsbell-4 JasonIsbell-1 VJ-4 VJ-7 VJ-8 VJ-12 Lucious-2 Lucious-3 RTJ-6 RTJ-5 RTJ-3 RTJ-8 TLB-13 TLB-12 TLB-17 TLB-16 TLB-8 TL-5 TL-7 TL-8 DMAs-2 DMAs-3 ILM-1 ILM-2 MO-10 MO-1 MO-6 MO-14 Halsey-3 Halsey-4 Halsey-9 Krill-2 TBT-4 TBT-6 TBT-3 GenCrowd-1 GenCrowd-7 GenCrowd-11 GenCrowd-12 GenCrowd-14 GenCrowd-15 GenCrowd-20 GenCrowd-22 GenCrowd-23 GenCrowd-24

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