A Q&A with Lithic

by Quinton Hubbell (Engineering), published March 15th 2017


In issue 47, we reviewed a local house show with the Berklee based band Lithic. After the show, Tastemakers sat down with bandmates Stone Panunzio, Jack Dinger, Marvin Buessau and Juan Peña to discuss the show, the band and what the future holds.

Tastemakers Magazine (TMM): Lithic; you guys are coming from Berklee School of music; you have a very unique and diverse sound. What’s the backstory   here? How did you guys meet?

Stone Panunzio (SP): Lithic actually started a while back, but we can just fast forward to Berklee. Juan and I just started hanging out about a year ago, because I thought he was sexy.

Juan Peña (JP): Yeah you did (laughs). I met Stone after everyone on campus wouldn’t shut up about him. I was like, “Who the hell is this Stone guy?” Once I met him, we just became close buddies and we started to jam.

SP: So it was me, Juan and our old drummer Noah. Noah was my roommate at the time, he’s an amazing musician. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to come back, so we had to respectfully part ways.

Jack Dinger (JD): After Noah we looked around, and found Marvin, who’s just a beast on the drums. I mean, he’s on another level.

JP: Marvin’s from my hometown, and I told the guys, “I got this drummer, he’s funky and you’ll like him.” It clicked the first time we jammed.

SP: We were jerks though; we just threw awkward tunes at him for an hour straight.

Marvin Buessau (MB): Well it wouldn’t have been so bad if you guys knew your own time signatures!

(Cue inaudible arguments and intermittent laughter)

SP: I remember telling Marvin, who didn’t know a certain song, “Just feel it!” and he just looked at me like I was crazy.

MB: You guys were all coming at me, saying that we got twenty minutes to get this song. I’ve never heard it before, so we just went for it (laughs). It was actually super amazing and everyone clicked right off the bat.

JP: Same goes with Jack when he came on. He was my roommate last year and he’s an amazing guitarist, so when we wanted another addition, he was an obvious choice.

JD: They wanted another guitarist to create a thicker sound a three piece just couldn’t get. Right away we went to a practice room and wrote two songs that day, one being “I Don’t Know”.

TMM: I love that song by the way

JD: The whole room is still kind of vibrating from that one.

TMM: I mean you guys got the room shaking with your opener, “I Want You (She’s So Heavy). Since you’re such a new band, do you guys do a lot of covers?

JD: I mean, the set you just saw only had one cover, with was that /Beatles/ song. Besides that, we stay honest and write our own material.

TMM: Speaking of original content, what’s the creative process for you guys?

JD: As Stone and I got to know each other’s writing style more and more, we’ve become kind of a songwriting duo: He’s the riff writer and I work on the melodies.

SP: It’s a really nice Yin and Yang we have going on.

TMM: It definitely comes through when you guys are on stage.

JP: Thanks, that means a lot.

TMM: So since you guys have a decent following and are generating new content, are you guys in the studio right now? I want to be walking down the street listening to the new /Lithic/ song on my phone.

JD: We’re in the studio right now; just about every other week. We’ve been writing new stuff, coming in, recording it, refining it and just making sure we’re making the best music we can. We’re shooting for an EP coming out by the end of this term, so you can listen to it all summer long.

SP: We’re releasing a single very soon, so keep your ears open for “I Don’t Know”.

TMM: Is there a timestamp on that?

MB: I don’t know.

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