Q&A with Royal Blood

by Audrey Cooney (Journalism), published July 24th 2015

Royal Blood

Royal Blood’s hard-hitting sound has already caught the attention of the rock community. Hot off the heels of a major label debut, the English duo has already earned praise from Jimmy Page and a support slot on Foo Fighters’ North American/UK tour. Tastemakers Magazine caught up with the group’s lead singer and bassist Mike Kerr to talk influences, their lack of a guitarist, and the future.


Tastemakers Magazine (TMM): How would you describe your own music?

Mike Kerr (MK): Rock and roll in essence. Loud, energetic.


TMM: What music did you guys listen to growing up, and how has it influenced the music you make today?

MK: Lots of classic rock. Led Zeppelin, Sabbath, but also the Beatles, Beach Boys, Queens of the Stone Age, and the Foos. Ben listened to a lot of pop too – it certainly influenced us, but it’s hard to say how. It was never a conscious thing to have in our mind when we started creating music.


TMM: How did the two of you meet and decide to work together?

MK: I met Ben at a college talent show he was performing at. We joined a couple of other bands with other people before we settled on just the two of us. Ben picked me up from the airport when I got back from Australia and the next day we had our first rehearsal and our first show that evening.


TMM: Some might say having a bass player and no guitarist is unusual. Why did you decide to go with that instrumentation?

MK: It just worked out that way really. I had started playing bass for a session and then just stuck with it, got a load of pedals, and started working on honing my sound.


TMM: Which do you prefer, live performances or being in the studio? Any specific reasons?

MK: Live performances for sure. It’s a different party each time you turn up. We love the studio too, but live is such an exciting, invigorating environment. We’re extremely fortunate to have been able to tour as much as we have.


TMM: How do you think your next album will differ from your first?

MK: At the moment it’s hard to say, we’ve not really worked out any concrete ideas just yet. We’re just thinking of new ideas. Definitely want to progress from the first record.


TMM: Besides your own, what current music are you excited for?

MK: Big fans of Turbowolf, TIGERCUB and Mini Mansions. Looking forward to the new Tame Impala record too!


TMM: What artist would you love to work with the most?

MK: Probably Jimmy Page or Dave Grohl. We’ve been fortunate enough to meet them both!

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