Will Toledo at Tastemakers Presents

A Q&A with Car Seat Headrest

In the last year, Seattle indie rockers Car Seat Headrest have been on the upswing. After the 2016 release of Teens of Denial, the band has drawn sold out crowds and appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert – it’s easy to forget that Car Seat began as the lo-fi solo project of vocalist Will Toledo. Tonight, they’ll be playing a set at Boston Calling. Following an electric headlining… continue reading


A Q&A with Evan Stephens Hall of Pinegrove

Indie-rock, alt-country, whatever you want to classify them as — Pinegrove is everything and more. The band originated in Montclair, New Jersey in 2010, and signed on to Run for Cover Records in Allston in 2015. Pinegrove has been touring constantly over the last few years, and their 2016 album Cardinal was among the Tastemakers favorites (we loved it so much we had to put it in our Top Albums… continue reading


A Q&A with Cymbals Eat Guitars

Headlining Tastemakers Presents this spring was indie rock band Cymbals Eat Guitars (CEG). The band will be going on tour this spring with the Pixies, along with Sunflower Bean (check out our interview with them here). CEG brought an entertaining show to Afterhours, but beforehand Tastemakers was able to sit and chat with singer Joe D’Agostino, bassist Matt Whipple, keyboardist Brian Hamilton and drummer Andy Dole.   TMM: What’s your… continue reading


A Q&A with Sunflower Bean

The rise of Sunflower Bean has been a meteoric one, even by buzz band standards. Singer/bassist Julia Cumming, singer/guitarist Nick Kivlen and drummer Jacob Faber formed the band in 2013 while still teenagers, and over the next three years of near-constant gigging they honed their fresh take on classic psych-rock and dream-pop influences. All the goodwill they’d accumulated paid off last year, with their debut album Human Ceremony justifying the… continue reading


A Q&A with Lithic

In issue 47, we reviewed a local house show with the Berklee based band Lithic. After the show, Tastemakers sat down with bandmates Stone Panunzio, Jack Dinger, Marvin Buessau and Juan Peña to discuss the show, the band and what the future holds. Tastemakers Magazine (TMM): Lithic; you guys are coming from Berklee School of music; you have a very unique and diverse sound. What’s the backstory   here? How… continue reading

Sad13 at Boston Hassle Fest

A Q&A with Boston Hassle Co-Founder Sam Potrykus

Sad13 performing at this year’s Hassle Fest, photo taken by Ben Stas. Comprised entirely of volunteers, the Boston Hassle aims to foster the local independent art, music, and film community through its events. Just last month was their eighth annual Hassle Fest, an all-ages all-inclusive DIY music festival. Tastemakers caught up with Hassle co-founder Sam Potrykus to hear his insight on how to organize a fest, the evolution of the… continue reading


A Q&A with Daniel Gibson of Streets of Laredo

Daniel Gibson, the singer/guitarist fronting Streets of Laredo, loves developing his band’s music while still preserving their sound. The family-based band is originally from Auckland, New Zealand, but relocated to Brooklyn, New York in 2012. The band released their sophomore album Wild on Oct. 21, but Gibson said being an aspiring band in a big city is no menial task. Tastemakers Magazine recently caught up with Gibson over the phone… continue reading

Local H

A Q&A with Scott Lucas

Scott Lucas, the singer/guitarist/songwriter behind Local H, will not be stopped. A mere two months after touring behind the 20th anniversary of As Good As Dead, their brilliant concept album on the rage and dejection engendered by small-town life, Local H is back on the road opening for Helmet. It’s a fitting pairing, as both bands are hard-working warhorses from the heavier side of ‘90s alt-rock. They’ll be coming to… continue reading


Q&A with Kishi Bashi

Previously a keyboardist and violinist for acclaimed indie rock band of Montreal, Kishi Bashi is no stranger to pushing the limits of pop music. The multi-instrumentalist effectively united classical leanings with indie-pop eccentricity in his first two albums, receiving much acclaim for their orchestral beauty. Ditching the strings for his synths, Kishi Bashi has decided to test out the somber, more detached electronic route for his latest album, Sonderlust, out… continue reading


A Q&A with Nathan Stocker of Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus, hailing from St. Paul, Minnesota, has taken the indie world by storm. Consisting of lead vocalist and guitarist Jake Luppen, lead guitarist and vocalist Nathan Stocker, bassist Zack Sutton and drummer and vocalist Whistler Allen, this indie band met at a performing arts high school and since then haven’t looked back. From SXSW to Lollapalooza, Red Rocks, Leeds and Conan, these four guys have traveled the world sharing… continue reading


A Q&A with Chef’Special

Chef’Special is a European indie-pop band with a style that is a unique mixture of reggae, funk and pop. Their breakout single “In Your Arms” from their album Passing Through has gone triple-platinum. Tastemakers caught up with all five band members on June 14 when they played in Agganis Arena as Twenty One Pilots’ opening act.     Tastemakers Magazine (TMM): I actually have seen you guys live last Fall… continue reading