Q&A With: Brad Oberhofer

by Allison Walker (Journalism/Cinema Studies), published March 13th 2012

With both a new album and a Coachella debut in view, Brad Oberhofer was able to have a quick phone chat with us and based on the conversation he seems both relaxed and excited about the wild year ahead of him. The 21-year old frontman of the four-man band, Oberhofer, has mastered the art of new wave rock combined with dreamy pop and his music makes it nearly impossible to dissect with intricate layers of instruments, whistling, chants and melodies. Although he refused to give us some hints as to what we should expect with his band’s upcoming album, Time Capsules II, all we can do is expect the best.

Tastemakers Magazine (TMM): Hey, man, what’s up, how are you?
Brad Oberhofer (BO): I am super good! I’m actually working on a new song right now.

TMM: Oh awesome, how’s it going, what kind of vibes are going on?
BO: I don’t know it’s kind of like a pop song. We’ll see how it goes.

TMM: So, you’re on tour now. Have you played any specific gigs where you’ve been like ‘yea, I’m really excited to get back there and play at that venue again.’
BO.: Um, yea there was a show we just played in London three nights ago at a place called Cargo. It was just this really cool venue.

TMM: Its been announced that you’re playing Coachella this year. Are you stoked? Nervous?
BO: I’m really stoked honestly. I’m excited for it to be, ya know, like near summer time and to be in California and to be playing with some of the coolest bands on the face of the planet.

TMM: Any specific bands that you’re excited to see and play alongside?
BO: Uh, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg

TMM: Yea that’s gonna be awesome. It’s also two weekends this year. Is there anything you’re gonna be doing in between in that weird week?
BO: Um yea, I think we’re flying to Europe.

TMM: Oh wow, that is gonna be crazy. Aren’t you gonna be tired?
BO: No, dude, I’m never tired!

TMM: Well that’s good to hear! Line-ups are being announced for other awesome festivals like Sasquatch and Bonnaroo. Are you planning on chilling and attending any of these or is it hard to find the time?
BO: I don’t think that we’ll really get any chilling time honestly. I think it’s just gonna be like pretty much crazy for the next year and a half not doing anything.

TMM: You have an album coming out at the end of the month. I’ve listened to it and it’s really, really awesome. Could you tell me a little bit about the vibe people should expect?
BO: No, you know, I think its better when people don’t expect vibes.

TMM: Well I have to say that I would listen to some of those tracks when I would commute to NYC and it would make the commute that much more bearable. So, thank you for that.
BO: Aww man, that rules.

TMM: I read somewhere- and I mean, you can never really trust the Internet- that you kind of have a classical music influence in your music. Is that true?
BO: I don’t know really, I mean I listen to a lot of classical music but like I don’t really know if it has a huge influence. I couldn’t say.

TMM: Would you say anything really influences your music? Any specific bands or experiences that you’ve had?
BO: I think a bunch of bands probably influence it and I think probably every experience I’ve ever had influences it. So no, I think nothing specific really, just probably everything I’ve ever listened to in my whole life…everything equally.

TMM: Are there any new bands that you’ve listened to recently? Any new songs that are out?
BO: Well, there are a couple new bands that are pretty sweet. I just saw a band last night called Celestial Shores and they were really cool.

TMM: Last question for you and it’s blunt. You’re pretty young as far as I know. 21, right?
BO: Yea.

TMM: Well, what is one of the most important things you want to accomplish in your music career?
BO: Umm, I don’t know…just make people feel good.

TMM: Well, I think that’s a very important thing. Alright, well that’s everything. Anything you want to add?
BO: I hope you have a nice day

TMM: Well thank you, I hope you have a nice day as well and I hope you enjoy the rest of your tour. It seems like you’re gonna have a great year ahead of you.
BO: Yea, it’s gonna rule.

Oberhofer will be at Brighton Music Hall in Alston on Thursday, March 22 and Time Capsules II comes out March 27 on Glassnote Records.

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