K104.7 Not So Silent Night

by Jenna Ross, published December 9th 2012

photos by Jenna Ross

When the K104.7 Not So Silent Night concert took over the Mid Hudson Civic Center on December 4th, some of the biggest pop/rock artists of 2012 hit the stage. And what do you get when you put The Wanted, Boys Like Girls, Rita Ora, and Austin Mahone in one room? A lot of screaming girls. Around 3000 to be exact.  Up and comers Olly Murs, The Ready Set, and Chris Wallace were also on the bill.

The night began around 5:00pm with British singer, Olly Murs. I’m a big fan of Olly, so it was a bit disappointing that he only performed three songs. I quickly learned that would be a theme for the night being that the newer artists had shorter sets than some of the more well established ones. But three songs? Sigh.

Austin Mahone, a 16 year old singer discovered on YouTube, didn’t need to prove himself to the crowd as a majority of the attendees were “Mahomies.” I’ve never heard the word “Mahomie” as many times as I heard it on Tuesday. Girls went crazy for the cute singer/dancer who sang his hit “Say Somethin’” as well as new single “Say You’re Just A Friend,” a track that features everyones favorite rapper Flo Rida. Austin is trying to make a name for himself, following the footsteps of the one and only Justin Bieber.

Rita Ora took the stage after Mahone, and I was pleasantly surprised at the number of people singing along during her three song set. This girl actually has talent, which she proved as she ad-libbed during her first song “How We Do.”

Biggest surprise of the night was definitely during Boys Like Girls’ set. Nothing crazy happened – it was just crazy to me that they were still a popular band and I can’t hide the fact that I enjoyed their set. BLG mainly stuck to their popular tunes from their self-titled album, which was a smart decision because I lost track of the band after 2008.

Closing the show was British boy(man?) band The Wanted, who combined catchy tunes and funny banter in between songs, which made them the perfect choice of headliner for the holiday concert.

Annual “Jingle Ball” concerts nationwide bring the best radio talent to lucky cities one night out of the year, and K104 did a great job with the lineup for their 2012 Not So Silent Night.

Check out photos of all the acts below.

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