Frank Turner @ Webster Hall NYC 9.29.12

by Jenna Ross, published October 6th 2012

photos by Jenna Ross

I was originally going to start off by saying that to many, Frank Turner is flawless…you know, in the Mean Girls quote way. It got even better when I came across this gifset on Tumblr. I was lucky enough to see this “flawless” individual in action when he played the first of two nights in New York City at Webster Hall.

Armed with my camera and knowledge of two, maybe three, Frank Turner songs, I walked into Webster Hall on the 29th not entirely knowing what to expect. What I took from the show was that the folk/punk singer has an army of dedicated fans. I’m pretty sure he could start a pretty popular political party with how loyal his fans are; not only did I talk to two who traveled from Colorado and Florida, but I’m friends with a girl who traveled to England to see Frank, and his band The Sleeping Souls, take on a sold-out Wembley Arena back in April. And she wasn’t the only one to make the pilgrimage! If that isn’t dedication, I’m not sure what is.

At around 8:55pm, Turner and The Sleeping Souls hit the stage and the crowd lit up, as Frank went on to play a twenty song set. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a crowd sing so loud – every person knew every word and it was pretty unbelievable to watch. Check out some photos of Frank Turner’s set night one in NYC.

One Response to “Frank Turner @ Webster Hall NYC 9.29.12”

  1. Cat says:

    How could you be a friend of Valerie’s and only know 2 or 3 FTHC songs? I’m pretty sure doesn’t allow that. “Resistance is futile.” ;)