Ode to Finals

by Allison Walker (Journalism/Cinema Studies), published December 13th 2011

It’s finals week. You know what that means? I have all my final papers, tests and projects due tomorrow. Have I attempted to conquer these beasts? No.

Per usual, I have concocted a disjointed playlist and assigned it one strict duty: keep me awake and happy. These two ideas seem to run for the hills on finals night. It’s important to note that there are two types of music I avoid when selecting songs and they include dubstep and sleepy-time rock. Dubstep will make me want to rage; so au revoir Skrillex. Sleepy-time rock will make me want to fall asleep in my library cubicle and drool everywhere; so long Bon Iver, it was nice knowing you.

People often complain ‘I can’t listen to music when I work. It’s too distracting.’ Well you know what? When you have three papers, a final and an entire documentary to produce in an amount of time that is suitable for only one of these things to be properly executed, frankly, music is the only way to stay alive.

Here are a few songs off my playlist “Sunrise in Snell”

“It’s Real”- Real Estate
This title reminds me that the time has come to buckle down and read the book I was given in the beginning of the semester. This 376 page ogre is no longer a figment of my imagination, oh no, it’s so tangible it could give me a paper cut.

“Tongue Tied”- Grouplove
Tongue-tied: something the sentences in my essay seem to mirror when I have no idea what I’m talking about.

“Better Times”- Beach House
They are ahead.

“Don’t Move”- Phantogram
This is my favorite song off the playlist and its title is something I need to take very seriously, especially when suffering from self-diagnosed ADD. I know you have $38.50 left in printing money this semester, Allison, but no matter how many pictures you print of cats dressed as U.S. presidents your essay still isn’t getting done- but it’s still funny.

“Daydream”- Youth Lagoon
Why is the boy sitting in front of me riding a unicorn? Why is it the year 2001 and I’m suddenly married to Julian Casablancas? Why is my Journalism paper coming to life and Bernie-ing on my desk? Wait, that’s just my mind running rampant. Thanks a lot Youth Lagoon.

“Nodding Off”- Wavves
Usually around 12 a.m. is when my eyelids want to droop down to the floor. With this song screeching with guitar riffs and occasional vocals by Bethany Cosentino, I might just stay awake (emphasis on the might).

“Dead and Gone”- The Black Keys
The two words in this title are two things I should be at this point. I’m banking on being at least half way done my work with the assistance of my buddies mentioned above. With the help of this song off The Black Keys new album, El Camino, my foot will still tap if it isn’t numb! This leads me to the next song.

“My Body”- Young The Giant
That’s right, body! You might look like Gollum from Lord of The Rings right now with your unnatural state of hunching but I will not give up. The cramps I’m getting from this cold, hard chair will succumb to the belting joy of Sameer Gadhia’s voice.

“We’ll Be Fine”- Drake

“Desire Lines”- Deerhunter
In the home stretch, craving the warm embrace of sunbeams in comparison to the blinding artificial library bulbs and the last graze of my final paper. The library doors are my desire line and their silver lining may decrease chances of a brain implosion.

“Goin’ Home”-Dan Auerbach
The last song on this playlist represents the perfect situation: home, bed, sleep. The Black Keys may already be on here but this delicate gem by Auerbach is something that I will serenade (probably out loud because of my state of delirium) Snell Library with on my way out. The depressing twinkle of the guitar depicts defeat while the lyrics entwined with thoughts of home emit comfort. Finals- you may have crept up on me once again but for now ‘So long, I’m goin’, goin’ home’.

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