Nov 13 2011

Preview: Pretty & Nice @ Great Scott 11.19.11

On November 19, a sampling of some of Boston’s best rock talent will be descending upon Great Scott for a spirited night of infectious grooves, lo-fi gems and pop pleasure. Boston-based The Clippers will be opening the night with their patented blink-and-you’ll-miss-it take on pop rock.  This duo brings angular guitar stabs punctuated by unexpected time signature change ups and a killer set of pipes that alternate between sullen and soaring.  … continue reading

Nov 11 2011

Preview: Phantogram @ Royale 11.19.11

In art, a phantogram is an optical illusion. The same could arguably be said for Phantogram the band. A huge, yet ethereal and dreamy sound booms from just two people, the duo of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter.  You can hear this for yourself when Phantogram performs at Royale on November 19th. Phantogram is an electronic, rock band that uses as many beeps and boops as they do crinkly, fuzzed… continue reading

Nov 07 2011

The Inevitable Approaches

If you’ve lived in New England for anywhere close to a year, you know that after a solid four months of summer follows eight months of winter. Eight long months of darkness, black ice and endless snow. For me, this is around the time of year that my playlists start to shift away from the jams and toward the slower songs. I know some people may prefer to listen to… continue reading

Nov 02 2011

Music News Wrap-Up

Let’s take some time to reflect on a few music industry developments that have been announced in the news. First, what’s up with the recent FBI report that claims a correlation among gang recruitment, unlawful activity and rap groups? According to, the report states that, “gangster rap gangs, often comprised of juveniles, are forming and are being used to launder drug money through seemingly legitimate businesses.” What I want to know is how… continue reading

Oct 25 2011

New York Songstress Lana Del Rey Releases New E.P.

With the leak of Lana Del Rey’s single “Video Games”, along with others this past August, the 4 song EP released on October 16th seems like somewhat of a let down. The EP features two remixes of the single along with another single, “Blue Jeans” . Disappointed with the lack of new, “un-leaked” material on the EP, I along with other fans are anxious to see what’s coming in the future… continue reading

Oct 19 2011

Creativity Now, Insanity Later

Why doesn’t anyone care about originality anymore? Last weekend, as I left Killjoy Festival’s final event at Pandemonium Books and Games, I passed a packed bar on Mass Ave. The name of the bar isn’t important. What matters is what I heard spilling out on to the streets: some generic cover band playing a generic cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction.”  That moment made me extremely sad. Killjoy Festival featured… continue reading

Oct 17 2011

The Weeknd Kicks Off

At first, the only traces of The Weeknd on the Internet were three songs found on youtube. The tracks created a small buzz, but when a nine-track mixtape entitled House of Balloons surfaced on March 21, 2011, word of mouth began to spread. Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd saw a whirlwind response to his music. The artist was co-signed to Drake’s label, OVO XO, soon after the release of House of… continue reading

Oct 17 2011

Preview: Thrice, Moving Mountains, La Dispute, O’Brother @ Royale 10.18.11

Thrice, Moving Mountains, La Dispute, and O’Brother all under the roof of the beautiful Royale. Pinch me. This Tuesday, October 18th, ladies and gents, will be a night for the ages. With a line-up this solid, all the pushing, shoving, sweating, yelling, and awkward body rubbing suddenly seem surprisingly alright. My ears (and hopefully yours, too) certainly won’t mind, for they will be way too busy getting serenaded by Moving… continue reading

Oct 14 2011

Preview: STS9 @ House of Blues Boston 10.20.11

A concert that’s sure to captivate even the most hardened of concert-goers, Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) is bringing their brand of “livetronica” to the House of Blues on October 20. As talented as they are grandiose, STS9’s live performances are unlike anything else out there. “An electronic jam band rocking out to a light show a la Laser Floyd” only begins to scratch the surface of STS9’s modus operandi…. continue reading

Oct 06 2011

Local Festival Targets All Senses

Our friends from the Slaughterhouse Gallery are expanding to new outlets, venues and formats. Think bigger and better. Anyone following the underground promoters may recall their event over the summer at Yes.Oui.Si.. This Saturday will bring the same great programming with an ambitious new leap in scale. The first Kill Joy Festival will take place this Saturday in Central Square, Cambridge. Filling a variety of venues, the festival will feature… continue reading

Sep 25 2011

Tastemakers Presents Photo Contest

In celebrating the arrival of Titus Andronicus, The Dodos, and Javelin to Northeastern’s beautiful Centennial Common for Tastemakers Presents, we decided to recognize all of the other fantastic shows from this past summer.  The concept is simple: show us your favorite photo from a show you attended this summer, the fans of Tastemakers vote, and the photos with the most votes win wonderful treasures.  How wonderful, you ask? The winner… continue reading