Seeing Double: Paul Trillo’s Beautiful New Music Video

by Ryan Kehr (English/Journalism), published February 22nd 2014


Peach-Kings-Be-Around-2With the resurgence of analog film, the art of double exposure is creeping back into mainstream exhibits and art projects around the world; for evidence, one has to look no farther than the works of contemporary photographers Andre de Freitas, Dan Mountford, Tamara Lichtenstein or Fontas Nicloas. (All of which are spectacular by the way—definitely recommend checking them out.) For those unfamiliar, the technique itself is quite simple: simply expose film to light multiple times—thus achieving separate images on one plane/space.

Paul Trillo, experimental short film director,  just shot a video for LA rockers The Peach Kings and it’s certainly the most beautiful thing I’ve set my eyes on in at least a fortnight. The entire video emulates the effects of double exposures and the results are damn cool. Check it out below before reading on:

The Peach Kings – “Be Around” from Paul Trillo on Vimeo.

Looking past a trendy use of blue/yellow and an instagram-esque desaturation, the video blends the beauty of natural scenery with the form of the human, while also throwing in subtle panning to give the audience a sense of space and orientation. It works wonders for Trillo and allows for The Peach Kings’ self proclaimed “swoonin’ music” to come across as both sensual and hypnotic.

If you dig their stuff, check out more of The Peach Kings over at their bandcamp. Their newest EP, Mojo Thunder, released earlier this month and between its crunchy guitar lines and seductive lead vocals, you’re sure to be in for a treat. If you’re interested in Paul Trillo’s work, you can find him at his cleverly designed website.

What do you think? Gimmick? Awesome? Ugly? Let us know in the comments below.

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