New Video from Manni Festo: “One Rhyme”

by Cara McGrath, published November 10th 2014

Northeastern student and hip-hop artist Manni Festo launched a new video earlier this semester that takes viewers behind the scenes in the recording of his new song, “One Rhyme.”

Manni wrote the song in August, recorded it in September, and recently explained to Tastemakers how he was inspired to write the song: “I took a walk and just kept thinking of rhyming lines and phrases. I had been listening to a lot of Eminem over the summer so it was like an explosion of rhymes that Eminem had inspired me to think of. I thought of so many loose rhymes that I decided to write them all down and think of connections between the rhyming phrases all in a rhythmic form. Sooner or later I had a 24 bar verse all with the same rhyme scheme, so I decided to name it ‘One Rhyme.’”

Manni had help creating “One Rhyme” from two people who are credited in the video; Will Clune engineered the recording and Emma Kurman-Faber filmed the shots. Manni recorded the song and video at Northeastern.

“One Rhyme” is the first single from Manni’s upcoming album, Skeletones, which is currently in the works. Skeletones will follow his April 2014 release, Abstract Island. Catch Manni Festo at the Battle of the Bands on Thursday, November 13 presented by CUP and Homecoming to hear “One Rhyme” live, as well as songs from Abstract Island.

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