Preview: The Postelles @ Brighton Music Hall 3.4.13

by Tom Doherty (Journalism), published March 4th 2013


With the rise of synthesized, computerized music, a band that writes good, guitar-driven melodies is rare. The Postelles use their vintage style to create infectious and catchy 60s-inspired rock and roll. The quartet will bring their well-regarded live show to Brighton Music Hall with the Arkells and The Ambassadors tonight, and it will be a welcome performance for those who miss the days when songs weren’t cloaked in layers. With the Postelles’ plug-in-and-play approach, what you see and what you hear are what you get.

The band’s eponymous debut album drips with the influence of co-producer and Strokes’ guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. Combining the slightly fuzzy, retro guitars of their co-producer’s band with a bubblegum pop sound, the music is nothing new, but it is undeniably fun. Is a beach less enjoyable because it is a bunch of sand next to water just like any other? The Postelles didn’t break any ground or create their own genre, but their music will keep you dancing all night long.

Come to Brighton Music Hall in Allston on Monday night and dance like it’s the 60s. The show starts at 9 P.M. and doors open at 8. Tickets will be sold at the Brighton Music Hall ticket office one hour before doors open.

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