Spotify’s US Launch Well Under Way

by Christopher Stoppiello (English), published July 18th 2011

It has been over two years in the making, but Spotify is finally available in the US. The music streaming service has enjoyed great success all over European markets. First introduced in 2008, Spotify grew quickly and has long been the envy of American music fans who believed the service would never launch here. Well, after what seems like an eternity of negotiating with the majors, Spotify is here.

Currently you either need an invite to get a Spotify Free account or have to pay for an Unlimited or Premium account. Much like the also recent launch of Google+, it seems like everyone and no one has an invite to the site. Free invites can be obtained by going to and requesting one directly or finding one from a number of third parties that Spotify has set aside invites to give out.

Invites are coming from some unique places too. Most unexpected might be Chevrolet who, according to Autoblog, are the official automotive sponsor and are giving away free invites for requesting info about the new Chevy Sonic. Quite a few people seem to be snagging invites from the social media analytics site Klout, but my favorite method is the one I used. Musician Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails, The Social Network) requested some invites to share and he did so with a simple tweet.

So the fun is underway, but now that it’s here can it live up to our expectations? Europeans and Americans abroad have been boasting about this service for so long that the bar has been set pretty high. If you still don’t have an invite and don’t feel like paying, let me remind you that Grooveshark is still free and alive and kicking at least for now.

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